Over The Top Headband..

I created a headband this morning. It all started out when I had a chat with Mbak Nyanyu from Picnicholic last night. She is also a crafty lady. 🙂 I asked if she can make me a headband. She said yes but after Lebaran. Haaaa. I want a headband NOW!! Hehehe. So I’ve been browsing bout DIY Headband Project early this morning. Found quite many and decided to make one right after. And this is it!! Headband ala MOI.. Hehehe. Just need less than ten minutes to make it. And still wearin it right now. Haha. Over the TOP!! 😉

Sorry for the mix quality pics. I can’t take pics of me wearing the headband with my camera so I used my BB camera instead. 🙂

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂