Blabbering.. Insomnia..

Do you know when you need to sleep but your mind won’t let you to?

Yeah, that’s what I’m feelin.. Mind fuuuulll with matters..
So let’s just surf…….the internet.. (Pffft.. Urban.. :D)

And the least I want is for this internet connection to go blah!!
(I have my “Which Dark Knight Rises character are you?” app goin on!! I’m eager to know if I was the Catwomaaaaannn!!)

But that’s okay.. Let’s just laugh until the mind gets tired and decides to sleep.. Hihihi..

Oh oh, the app is showing its result!! Geezy Brizzy…

Oh, okay, I’m not the Catwoman, I’m John Blake a.k.a Robin (did I just spoil you on this?), but not bad, he looks sexy anyway.. *sommersault*

*minutes later*

Haaaaai, I’m still uuupppp…
And now feeling the heat on my eye cus I just happened to rub it with my right hand, the same hand I used to rub my right thigh with Tawon Balm!! Yeehaaaaa.. *smart*

I’m chipping ideas for my room makeover now. Just got tired with the white wall and pale pink furniture (courtesy of the boarding house, of course). I think I want all of the pale pink furns to be out, including the bed frame and the desk). Been into green and blue and yellow lately (or forever), so I design some furniture to be made in that colors. Lets just wait if the result (and the price!!) are of my budget.

Okay, if someone doesn’t stop me by now, I might be blabbering about all things in this post. Oh my.. :)))

Udah ah…
*HAP!!* *tutup mulut sendiri*

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂