Cooking Dojo.. Cooking Mojo..

I stated earlier on my tweet, if there’s a guy who can make me cook again (for him), it’s either he’s a super hottie or he’s totally smart in playing with my girly dignity. Hahaha. Well, Caesar is both. :p

Couple weeks ago, I started my first cooking dojo. It went at the same time as my Diet VS Traveling Competition (I might be telling you about this in another post because I won it!!), so boiling pak choy or kai lan or carrot or chayote was never a big deal. I just boiled and ate it with instant chilli terasi paste. But soon after, I felt bored and thought I could spice things up by……ehem….scuse me…ehem…makin omellet filled with kai lan. Huahahaha. It was yummy actually…..well….kinda.. Well, I finished it anyway, so it didn’t matter. :p

After this omelette (or so it called), I realized that a good cooking dojo must be started with a great equipment! So I NEED to purchase some equipments! I NEED!! :p I purchased a cute bright green peeler, a cute bright green spice container, and a cute bright green food container. Oh, how could I resist’em???

Then I bought stock powder, salt, and not long after that, I ended up with onion, garlic, ginger, pepper, macaroni (don’t ask me bout this), tempe, mushroom, fish ball, and oyster sauce! :)))

On weekend, I asked Caesar to come super early to accompany me to the market (the market is actually walkin distance from my place but then he encourages me to cook so he MUST accompany me to the market!! Compulsory!! :p), and then we thought it would be a good day to have soup and fried chicken. There went my second cook! 😀

After spending quite some time cooking that food, I felt exhausted and decided fried eggs wud be good for that day’s lunch! Hahahaha.. Epic fail.. :p

Then I went crazy afterwards, putting this and that, cooking this and that, mixing this and that, and voila!
My cooking mojo is back!!!

Fishball and Carrot Soup

Mom’s Secret Recipe of The Yummiest Fish Soup Ever!

Saute Long Bean and Tempe

Spinach, Carrot, Corn Soup and Fried Fish

Oh, so happy..
If only I can tag my father in this pics.. 😀
Why there’s no Facebook or Twitter in heaven, Lord? 😀

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂