DIY: Querencia Wall Decor

Can I hear an applause for writing here again?

Coming to you with a new DIY. This is such a hard DIY I don’t think you can make it yourself! I’ve been wanting this kind of wall decor for so long and last weekend, I finally able to finish it. Let’s get started.
What you need:
     * Canvas (either blank or colored or second hand canvas with a painting)
     * Acrylic or Poster Paint (I used both but may I suggest, just use poster one, easier. Hihihi)
     * Paint Brush
     * Sponge (I used used sponge)
     * Small container or anything that can be used to contain the paint you’re going to use
     * Paper (and printer to print the word)
     * Scissors or Cutter
Textured Acrylic Paint
1. Find the idea about what you’re going to write on the wall decor. As in my experience, this might take a long shot, like three weeks for me. Hihihi. I come up with the word Querencia.
2. Prepare the canvas. Put the acrylic paint (I used the textured one) in a container. Stir it a bit with the brush to avoid any major lump then brush it onto canvas. I made three layers. You can stop at one if you’re already content with the result. When you use poster paint, I think one layer is enough. 😀 If you somehow use an already-painted canvas, then skip this step.
3. Dry it outside.
4. While waiting for the base paint to dry, print the word of your choice. I used ‘Stencil STD’ font.
5. Cut the letters out with a cutter or scissors. You’ll have the stencils! 😀
6. Take the canvas again and lay the letters to your liking.
As the stencils put
7. Put some amount of poster paint to a container, take bit by bit with a sponge and apply to the letters by dabbing the sponge. Make sure you take just a lil amount of the paint because when you take much of it, it will make the dabbing process hard and the result is super thick. No’o, we don’t want that. 😀
8. Wait around 5 – 8seconds, then peel the stencils. Don’t wait too long because in my case, I use a common white paper and if I leave it too long on the canvas, the paint left at the side of the stencils will get through.
9. Then dry it again.
10. Once dry, hang it with pride! Hihihi.


Easy right?
Actually, it just needs 4days to be done, but of course, the procrastinator in me came up and I finished it in two …. weeks! Hahaha.
So enjoy your new wall decor. The idea is endless! 😀
Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂
PS: Querencia means from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self.