Lipsticks I bring this time..

How many lipsticks do you bring when you’re traveling?

If you asked me that question two years ago, I would just laugh and show my Vaseline Petroleum Jelly to you. Clearly, I haven’t been hooked to any lipstick at that time. But now, …. well, …. what can I say, …. people grow, …. new president elected, …. tickets bought, …. things have changed. Hihihi.

One of my colleague here in Kuala Lumpur, Yee Ling, once asked how many lipsticks do I bring from Jakarta. It’s because she said she saw (<– try say it fast ‘she said she saw she said she saw she said she saw’.. I know, hard right!) me wearing different lip color every day. LOL. I never really count but because today is such a relaxing Sunday and I have planned this day to be a no-plan day, so I started taking out all of my lipsticks from the bag and the make-up pouch and swatching them on my lips. Hehe. If you don’t think you’re able to handle my face all over the page, then you may stop here. If not, may Lord grant your biggest wish in any short time. Amen. 😀

I brought ten lipsticks to begin with. They are of different shades and tones. In my two weeks stay in Kuala Lumpur, my collection has been ‘magically’ grew to thirteen. Really, they grow so fast! Nobody’s fault! Truly, nobody’s fault! *nodding calmly*

So, without further ado, let’s start! *smirk*

1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi and Maybelline Watershine Pure in B22

I’m a big big fan of Soft Matte Lip Cream collection by NYX and I have plenty of them but Abu Dhabi is my first nude shade from the collection and to be frank, I don’t like it. I might end up reselling this. It is not as opaque as the other shades and the color doesn’t fit my skin. I look pale wearing it. Blah.

B22 on the other hand, is a long long friend of mine. It is nude, shiny, feels and looks good when applied. Sadly, it is not long wearing. It can last for only around 2 – 3 hours.

Abu Dhabi on the left and B22 on the right

2. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan and Prague

Milan is a bright pastel pink color and Prague is a bright purple color with a blue undertone. Prague is the first NYX SMLC that I bought and till now, it’s still my fave shade! Not to mention it, as a place, has been in my go-to list for years!

A little confession, after Prague, I was thinking to buy more shades of NYX SMLC based on the place I want to go next. So I tried London! Sadly, the shade is too pale for me so I didn’t buy it. Hahaha. As for Milan, for personal reason, I don’t want to go there (yet) but still, the shade is just too pwetty to be in the counter rack and not on my lips. 😛

NYX SMLC Milan on the left and Prague on the right

Milan on the left and Prague on the right

3. Maybelline Colorshow Collection in Orange Icon and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morocco

Anybody here saying the color orange is versatile? NOPE!! I disagree! These two orange colors are so hard for me to pull off I even searched on Pinterest on how to make them work! LOL. The Maybelline one is easier to wear as it is pretty sheer. But on another note, as most sheer lipstick does, it goes away fast. The Morocco one is opaque, very bright, and quite durable. But its brightness is …. intimidating. One time I put it on on my lips and looked at the mirror, finding peace with myself that it looks good and does not taking too strong on people. Several minutes before I go, I opened my room curtain and see how hot it was that day, and decided to … wipe the color off and wear a more ‘calm’ shade. Hahaha. Maybe it’s just me. Cause I saw some girls (also Asian) wear Morocco and looks okay. Hehe.

Orange Icon on the left, Morocco on the right

Orange Icon on the left and Morocco on the right

4. Bourjois Rouge Edition in Violine Strass and NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen

I got the Bourjois one as a Christmas Gift from my friend, Trian, and have fallen in love with it eversince. It glides well on my lips, the color comes out nice, it smells lovely, it lasts for some times, ah all the goodness! So when I packed, I need to bring it with me. No question! 😀

I bought Copenhagen online as my first online shopping experience here in Malaysia (Eh wait what?! Did I just write that?) along with the Abu Dhabi. NYX SMLC has been out of stock in every Sephora so the only way to have it is by buying it online <– justification. Since the first glide, I already fell in love with the deep maroon color. It looks sophisticated, classy, and sexy! 😀

Violine Strass on the left and Copenhagen on the right

Violine Strass on the left and Copenhagen on the right

5. NYX Butter Lipstick in Little Susie and Maybelline Colorshow Collection in Nude Mocha

This Little Susie, uh-oh, not very fond of it. The color does not come out no matter how many times I put it on. I bring it because I thought I just haven’t found something good about it that makes me fall in love, but every time I apply it on, I become indescribably disappointed with how it looks. Hihi. So, no, it retires at such a young age. LOL.

Nude Mocha is a good everyday color. It is not striking nor sheer. It is just the right amount of red and orange in one shade! 😀

Little Susie on the left and Nude Mocha on the right

Little Susie on the left and Nude Mocha on the right

6.  Maybelline Colorshow Collection in Downtown Red and NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Absolute Red

This Downtown Red is oh so amazing! One, it is an affordable drugstore product. Two, I love how concentrated it is! With just one glide, you can see the real color. Also, for this particular shade, the color is build-able.

The other one, Absolute Red from NYX is among the first NYX products that I bought. I don’t really like the sticky texture but I love the color! Oh, basically, I don’t think I will ever dislike a red lipstick. LOL.

Downtown Red on the left and Absolute Red on the right

Downtown Red on the left and Absolute Red on the right

7. Sephora Matte Lip Stain in Endless Purple

Total of 13 lipsticks makes this last one can’t be in a pair. That’s so sad, no? Maybe I should have one new lipstick to accompany this shade. Just one new lipstick. Agree?

This lipstick is a gift from my friend, Soov. It is a deep purple lip stain. It might looks intimidating in the photo but actually, it’s not. It looks suppagood in real!

Endless Purple

Endless Purple *still waiting for its pair*

So that’s about it. My 10 (+ 3) lipsticks that I bring this time. Which one you like best?

I think lipstick is the easiest make-up to work with. You put on a different shade and it changes the way you look instantly. Also, it’s small so it’s space-worthy. So, put on your lipstick now and don’t forget to ….

Smile! 🙂

PS: If I make an #UberGiveaway with lipsticks as the prize, anyone interested? 😀 

Sephora in Kuala Lumpur, click here.

In Malaysia, I shopped online at DoodleToodle (NYX SMLC Abu Dhabi and Copenhagen).

My necklace is from Naini Design.