Nepal Cosmetics Haul – Local Brand Lipsticks FTW! :D

I am deeply saddened by the Nepal earthquake. I was in shocked by the time I saw Kathmandu Durbar Square’s state  photos after the quake. I need to make peace with myself upon seeing my second fave country comes to rubble.

Like what I wrote in the About Me section, writing works as a therapy to me. So to cheer me (yes, ME! I’m a selfish cute voluptuous princess), I write this post; about what possibly makes me happy now when I remember about Nepal. To swift my mind out of the ruin. 😦

So Uberfriends, give it up on my Nepal Cosmetics Haul!!!

Dancing Burger

Frankly speaking, that’s how I deal with sad state. People eat when they’re sad, I buy or wear new lipsticks .

I said to the Frogs that I want to buy a Nepal local brand lipstick since the day we arrived. The Frogs, like typical guys, were just nodding ‘okay okay’ without any interest shown on their faces. -____- On the last day of our trip, we were purposefully splitting. The Frogs were busy chasing mosquitoes and the princess was busy chasing prince cosmetics!

But before chasing the cosmetics, I made a stop-over at a …. massage parlor. HAHAHAHA.

After one and a half hour of Nepal Traditional Massage, I walked at the side of the busy Freak Street at Thamel to nowhere, just following where my legs took me. At one point, I decided to hop on a tricycle to go to Ratna Park to BUY LAPSIS AND SOUR STUFFS for my DEAR FRIEND AND SISTER, Shaaru and Nadya (there you go, I put you gurls on my blog and even in bold letters, you may proceed to make a cone-shaped nasi lemak for celebration, haleluya!) and on my way back, I saw a familiar face walking at the side of the street.


Pwincess 😛

“SANDEEP!!”, I shouted loudly which made not only the name-owner to look straight at me, but also several guys at the side of that busy street. Ihihihi. Maybe ‘what is wrong with this girl whose hair too long on one side‘ came to their mind. Sandeep is a guy we encountered during our trip in Nagarkot. And who would’ve guessed we bumped into each other again in Kathmandu! Haha.

So I stepped off of the tricycle and joined Sandeep in his fast-walking trip to a Beads Market near the Kathmandu Durbar Square. And right at the side of one stall where he remade his mom’s necklace, there was a small stall selling cosmetics! Aha!

I asked specifically for a Nepal local brand lipstick! The girl showed me a gold case stick with the brand Sonata. That, Uberfriend, is a Nepal local brand! 😀 Out of around four shades available, I bought two named Pink Shine and Chocolate.


Sonata Lipsticks

Pink Shine is a pink pastel frosted shade with a blue undertone. Despite the ‘suspicious’ look (hihi), surprisingly, this lipstick glides smoothly on my lips. It dries my lips in the afternoon though, and totally disappears after only 1-2 hours.

Chocolate lives up to its name in the matter of smell. It does smell like chocolate! I personally superlove this one and I keep using it daily. The color is buildable, it lasts for 4-5 hours and when the color gradually disappear, it shows deep orange color. Love love!


Up: Pink Shine; Bottom: Chocolate


Chocolate in daylight

Another haul is this little thing which scared me when it’s being taken out of the case. LOL. Turns out, it’s an eyeliner (in a) stick. Hihihi. It is used to line the waterline. It kinda works magic, I must say. Despite how big (and scary-looking) it is, it glides on the waterline easily and it stays there. The color is super black and although the girl said it’s waterproof but considering the texture, I kinda doubt it is. 😀


Eyeliner Match, Anyone? 😀

Last but not least.

First time I saw it, I thought it’s a lipstick but turns out, it’s not. It’s a Sindoor or bindi maker? It is used to make a red dot on your forehead. To know more about Bindi, click this. I think it’s a good add to my coquettish collection. I can use it for (so called) artsy creation! 😛


Sindoor Kumkum

Yup, those are my Nepal cosmetic haul. Not too many, aite! Mom must be very proud of me. Hihihi.

Let’s play! 😀

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂