El Gamma Penumbra – Asia’s Got Talent Grand Winner

“Do you know who won Asia’s Got Talent?”, asked Jovita, my #BosKece.

“Dunno for sure who, but I know they’re from Philippines.”

“You gotta see them! I’ve shivered with emotion watching them!”

“Are they singing or something?”, clearly, I wasn’t quite interested.

“Shadow playing.”, Jovita is still in zing.


Ten seconds later, she gave two links to my Skype and I forcefully clicked on the first one.

AND I’M IN AWE!! They’re really awesome!

I clicked on the second link and I think I need ti share it with you Uberfriends.

They. are. simply. awesome!

No wonder they won the competition!

Enjoy their video here and click the link on the video to watch more of their show!

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂