Things to do in Medan

Medan City, the capital of North Sumatra, is only 2 hours away by plane from Jakarta. Makes it a good weekend getaway destination for me as a Jakartan. I can fly in on Saturday and fly back on Sunday! Below are several things to do in Medan that I recommend you to do. 🙂 You’re welcome!

* Get on the ARS (Airport Railink Services) from Kualanamu Airport to the City Center

     I love taking the Airport Railink Services from the airport to get to the city center. It is fast, jam-free, clean, and comfortable. If you think that it’s expensive, there are several promo bound with the airlines or with the credit cards. Last time I took Airport Railink Services with mom, it was FREE under the promo of one bank. 😀


The clean and comfortable Airport Railink Services!

* Visit Tjong A Fie Mansion

     Housing a great collection of the legendary Tjong A Fie, this mansion is an example of a good heritage restoration. The ticket you pay (IDR35.000 as per May 2015) already includes guide explanation so you can go to one room to the other while listening to the explanation given about Tjong A Fie, his succes, as well as Medan in old era.


Tjong A Fie Mansion, Kesawan, Medan

* Eat at Tip Top Restaurant

     A great restaurant, Tip Top Restaurant has been opened since 1934 and kept its originality in recipe and restaurant ambiance. Go have ice cream, sit at the outside area and enjoy the memories. Or opt for the Ox Tongue Biefstuk and sit in the nook seating inside.  Ah memories. ❤


The inside of Tip Top Restaurant, Medan

* Go around on Betor

     Local unique transportation in the mode of becak (tricycle) and motorcycle joint together, betor is a must try transportation in Medan. Plus point: it’s affordable! 😀


Yes, I put that heart purposefully there. 😛

* Visit Maimoon Palace

     A royal palace of Sultanate of Deli, in this palace, you can rent a traditional royal costume and take pictures around the Maimoon Palace. Fun!


Maimoon Palace in Medan

* Visit Great Mosque of Medan

     The Great Mosque of Medan was built in 1906 and completed in 1909. It has octagonal shape and unique architecture, combination of Middle East, India, and Spain.


Salaaam… 😀

* Eat assorted satay sold by street vendor

     Oh, where do I start. Flavored quail egg, mussels, shrimp, and other yummeh protein in a skewer? Why not?


Which one for you, Uberfriends?

* Eat soto at Sinar Pagi

     There are two famous soto in Medan: Soto Kesawan (which is a ghost soto cus two times I’ve been to Medan and at both times, it’s not open) or Soto Sinar Pagi. Located at the end of Sei Deli, this place is really packed at lunch time. It tastes oh so good but ….. it’s quite pricey. Hahahaha. Anyway, a must try when you’re in Medan.


The yum of the yummeh!!

* Eat durian at Ucok Durian

My betor driver said that your coming to Medan is incomplete without having durian! And best place to have it is at Ucok Durian where the King of Fruit is available throughout the season. 😀


Funny thing, I don’t have any photo of Ucok Durian! I guess I was busy eating and not taking pic. LOL. This pic is taken from here.

* Visit Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

A Catholic Temple. Yes, a church, not a temple. 😀 Built in Indo-Mogul style, this church is unique because of its architecture.


The Catholic Temple, Graha Maria Annai Velangkanni

* Eat Kaya Bread at kopitiam

     When I went to Medan the last time, I took Bujendral (my mom) to one of the kopitiam (coffee shop) at the corner of Pasar Hindu. Enjoying Tea Tarik and the famous Kaya Bread while chatting and looking at people, a great morning indeed. 🙂


Kopitiam in the morning

* Eat at Seafood Waringin

     I know about Seafood Waringin from Perfectelle blogpost here. Located in Jalan Mayang, Seafood Waringin opens in the afternoon until late night. Many recommend the Black Pepper Crab, but I find it just okay. Not special, just okay. One particular grilled fish that I had, surprisingly tastes good!  I would want to recommend that grilled fish to you but unfortunately, I forget the name of the fish! Hahahaha. Just find a specifically unique name of a fish in the list and ordered it grilled. I promise, if I remember the name later, I will update it here. LOL.


Black Pepper Crab and that yummy grilled fish which name I forget. LOL.

* Hang out at Merdeka Walk

     Filled with many restaurants, Merdeka Walk is the place to go to hang out at night. If you’re a fan of one football club, check with the local FC if there is any joint-watch. Must be fun to scream and feel the glory or loss together! 😛


Hang out at Merdeka Walk

Those are things to do in Medan, go plan your weekend getaway and enjoy a full day doing this things to do in Medan list! If you’ve been to Medan before, share what you like the most from this city and needs to be included in this things to do in Medan list! 😀

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂