Moderating Talkshows at SMESCO Netizen Vaganza

My heart stopped a beat when Gio sent me a message asking if I can be a moderator for an event. I was like, ummm…

I use to being an MC, but never been a moderator before. Nevertheless, I said yes.

Because it’s not a marriage proposal. 😛


Turns out, it was a big event. SMESCO Netizen Vaganza gathers many netizen from Jakarta and surrounding for a two days of talkshows and workshops. There were four talkshows and two workshops happening. I managed to be a moderator for two talkshows: Monetize Your Social Media with Yeyen Nusjid dan VLOG Tips & Tricks with Sacha Stevenson. What’s good about this event is IT’S TOTALLY FREE!! Netizen can just come and check one or two or even all talkshows if they want. Two hours were plotted for every talkshows. What I heard, SMESCO is going to make this event their monthly event with different theme and talkshows in each of it. So be sure to check their website and be alert when there is another hashtag #SmescoNV going around Twitter and Facebook. 😉

So how was it being a moderator?

It was fun! My first speaker Yeyen Nursjid is so inspiring and gave a fulfilling answer to questions on how to run the business through social media. And even more fun knowing that she has the same business as what I had with Moonaddict a while back. Even me as a moderator can learn a lot from her experience.


Discussion before the talkshow, captured by Chocky Sihombing

The second talkshow with Sacha Stevenson was a superfun one. If you don’t know who Sacha Stevenson is, she is the one behind the funny (and satire) How to Act Indonesian series on Youtube. Check out her Youtube channel here.

Sacha is a witty person, talking to her is enriching and moderating her talkshow was a mind-blowing experience! People were asking questions and her answer to every question always got a funny twist that made people laugh. The tips and tricks she shared was great and (of course) applicable. She answered to all questions disregarding the question was about makeup tutorial video or documentary instead of comedy. Sacha is a great person to be with.


It was pretty hot at the venue, we’re melting. Hihi. Photo captured by Chocky Sihombing.

Four hours of moderating feels amazing.

And tiring.


I’ve been standing for most of my activity these days. And I didn’t realize how tiring it was until I sat down and felt so relax. Hahaha.

Nonetheless, if someone ask you to be a moderator again, would you want, Lan?


Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

Yours truly as captured by Chocky Sihombing. I never look good in a candid shot. Hihi.

Yours truly as captured by Chocky Sihombing. I never look good in a candid shot. Hihi.

SMESCO Netizen Vaganza holds a blog competition (which sadly I cannot join) on ‘Local Brand Lebih Keren!’ theme. The prize is awesome, from laptop to smartphone to and cash! To know more on how to enter this competition, call Ryan at +6281211609598 or check SMESCO Website. Deadline post: October 20th 2015; winner announcement October 24th 2015!

Join the competition! Join the vaganza!

See ya at another SMESCO Netizen Vaganza. 😉