Don’t Buy Sams*ng J5!

Many write about how good Sams*ng J5 is on their blogs, and I was one stoop reader for taking the writing (too) seriously (while it’s clearly a sponsored post) and bought the phone. I bought it and I regret it. And I don’t want you to experience the same regret as I do, so I write this post. 😀

As much as I want to just be shut, I think it’s fair that I bought the phone because of some blogposts so I also make a post to deliver why I don’t like Sams*ng J5 phone and why I think people should not buy it.

Blink blink

A disclaimer: I am in no way hate the brand Sams*ng. I superlove the brand for their television and camera products. Oh and their air conditioning! For phone (and tab) though, I got disappointed with the brand since I owned a Tab 2 before and it suddenly love to die by itself in the middle of me typing or whenever it feels like it. And it didn’t just happen to me; another friend, using Grand Duos phone experience the same thing. That’s when I lost trust with Sams*ng phone.

I am in no way a tech girl, I’m just a phone user. So take this post as a heart-spill from a cute ordinary girl about the phone she just bought. 😀

So back to Sams*ng J5. Should you buy it? I said, NO! Here’s why:

  • Dual SIM On? Yes, but …

I specifically asked one of my friend (who write one of the sponsored posts) if the dual SIM can be on together? He said yes. Little did I know that this ‘dual SIM on’ terminology on Sams*ng J5 means one SIM on in 4G/LTE and the other on in 2G!!!

Yes, 2G!! *WHAT?!*

Throw Phone

  • Funny (if not silly) SIM Card slot management

I don’t think I will be as pissed and disappointed as I am now if the SIM Card management within Sams*ng J5 is good, but hell yeah, of course it doesn’t. One other reason why I bought the phone is because it is bundled with BOLT! SIM Card and only that provider works well in my apartment; so clearly, I put BOLT! SIM Card in the first slot. And that leaves me with my Telkomsel in the second slot.

Sadly though, BOLT! only works in Jakarta and Medan. So when I went to Ambon, I needed to change my data connection using Telkomsel. And that’s how I figured out how weird the SIM Card Management in Sams*ng J5 is. I used a dual sim phone before with Op*o and changing the SIM Card use is as easy as tapping the screen. With Sams*ng J5 though, it doesn’t work like that. I need to physically change the SIM Card because yes, the second slot is for 2G only. And then it’s done? Of course not.

I tried to exchange my SIM Card (Bolt! in the second and Telkomsel in the first) but then the Telkomsel still doesn’t work. It is only able to work, if I put it on the first slot and leave the second slot empty (putting my BOLT! SIM Card away). Weird, right? Yes.. I know.

Throw Phone

  • Wait and hear … all the time.. 

You know when you make a call and you don’t have to listen to the dial tone and when the person you’re calling is picking up the phone then your phone is vibrating to notify you? Yes, the Op*o and Xia*mi I used (and Chocky’s Len*vo, for that matter) already carry this technology. And when I got Sams*ng J5 on hand and it doesn’t do it, I was pretty shocked.

I know it’s just a small matter to some people, but it is a very important feature for me. Waiting for the person to just picking up the phone with having to put the phone on your ear is just impractical. Put it on a speaker, you said? Yes, it works when you’re alone in the room or you’re in a quiet place. What about if you’re in a club? Or, in a mall? You’ll barely hear the ‘hello’ even if you put it on speaker.

Throw Phone

  • SD Card slot placement is just uugh..

At this point, I declare Sams*ng J5 as the most impractical phone ever. Not only the SIM Card management is silly, but here comes the SD Card slot. They place the SD Card slot on top of the first SIM Card slot, in a way that you have to take the SD Card out to take the SIM Card out. So whenever you want to change your SIM Card, you gotta be bugged to take the small SD Card out too. And in the application system inside, when you take out the SD Card, the application you put on the SD Card will be planted back to the device storage. Making it full. And unable to download other apps. And you have to move the apps once again to the SD Card to make space. And God knows it takes time to move an app from device storage to SD Card storage.

It happens EVERYTIME you take out the SD Card. Congrats!

Throw Phone

  • The CLOCK is dead

Go to your Home Screen and click the Clock. Where does it take you to? To the actual Clock Setting, right?

Not happening with Sams*ng J5. You click the Clock widget on your Home Screen and it’s just being still.

Dead still.


Throw Phone

  • Unfamiliar Sales Promotion Officer

It’s not about the phone but I guess why not putting it here? 😀 This might just happen in Jakarta but it is quite famous among my friends that Sales Promotion Officer of Sams*ng acts pretty unfamiliar with the customer – especially if the customer buy the non high-end products. Even when I ask about SIM Card management and the dial tone thingy, they look hesitant to answer. And basically, just show the I-don’t-care attitude. At some point, they even say something like “Oh, that kind of technology is planted on our high-end products only.” – to which I replied, “Wow.. Sams*ng is so behind Len*vo, Op*o, and even Xia*mi ya.”


So I write about my disappointment with Sams*ng J5, but is it really only the bad side with the phone? Is there any goodness within it?

Well yes.

I love its Amoled screen, it’s bright and clear. And I love its ‘outdoor’ feature for the brightness. And I love …. ummm.. ummm… yea that is all.

If I got more love than that, I won’t write this post, 😀

Oh and just when I type this post, there’s this article showing on my Twitter timeline about the possibility of Sams*ng killing their NX (camera) series and focus on producing more phones. If that really happens, one expression: BOO SAMS*NG BOO!! KILL THOSE PHONES INSTEAD!!

Fin. Hihihi.

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂