The Best of Facebook Friends

“I think my Facebook Friends got excited when I have a partner. Even more excited than me.” – That’s what I said to my Frogs, minutes after Chocky sent our picture to the Princess and The Frogs Whatsapp group chat and they challenge me to post the pic on Facebook.

(Red: Princess and The Frogs consists of me, Chocky, Panji, and Angga).

And it truly is. My Facebook friends got super excited when they see a picture of me with a guy who MIGHT BE my partner. It’s like they feel happy when (they think) I’m happy.

I truly have the best of Facebook friends!

I actually rarely post a picture of me with my partner.



But once upon a time when I was not single, I grew whimsy and posted a pic of me and my partner on Facebook.

The response was an amusement! My Facebook friends went nuts!! They’re so happy, they spared their time to give (positive) comments, to ask, and to congratulate me. I remember feeling funny getting all those comments.

Most awkward comment: THE SMILE LOOKS THE SAME!

Our smiles certainly don’t look the same.

I was so cute, he was not. COME ON, PEOPLE!

Then I broke up with my partner.

Of course I didn’t post the breakup on Facebook. Because why should I? My Facebook is a fun happy colorful page,  not a sad one. (And for the record, I put my sad stories on Path. HAHAHA)

Second time, my partner posted a pic of us, tagged me and mentioned me so the post appeared on my timeline. Again, my Facebook friends went cray!! It was so crazy till the point my partner said, “This almost hits 100 Likes! I never even got 100 Likes in a single picture on my Facebook.” LOL.

Funniest comment: YOU GUYS LOOK ALIKE!! A MATE!! *in Indonesian culture, a couple who look alike is believed to be a mate*

My partner was an Indian.

You bet we look alike.


At that time, I kinda know, I have the best of Facebook friends! The kind who love when good things are happening to me (falling in love is a good thing, no?), the kind who are thirsty to see me happy, the kind who feels happy seeing someone happy eventhough it’s only on Facebook and we haven’t even met personally! And it’s a good feeling knowing all of these.

And then I broke up with my partner. (Don’t judge me :P)

A week ago, I did an experiment to prove what I said to the Frogs.

Cus I’m still single, I put a pic of me and Chocky instead. We do look like a couple on the pic – eventhough we aren’t. It was taken on our trip together to Moluccas. Chocky put his arms around my shoulder and took a wefie of us with the magnificent Waai Waterfall at the back. We both look happy. And I was happy when the pic was taken (it’s a vacation D’UH!), so I’m not manipulating. Lemme ask Chocky if he’s faking the happy smile. 😀 *knife knife*


Did me and Chocky communicate before I posted the pic?

We did.

I need to ask him if he’s gonna be annoyed with the pic and whether or not I should tag him. Chocky and I are both still single (go grab him, Ladies! Year-end SALE!! Contact me for details!) and we’re bestfriends. Turns out, he’s okay with me posting it; he even plan to put the pic on his blogpost though only-God-knows-when-the-post-is-gonna-up. 😀 So it’s a deal. I posted the pic on my Instagram, extended share to Facebook.

The response (as predicted): AMAZING!!

I have the best of Facebook friends!

The comments are all positive and supportive. I can’t help but feeling loved.

Another funny comment: LOOK ALIKE! MATE!

Chocky is a Chinese Indonesian.

So after looking like an Indian, I now look like a Chinese Indonesian? :3


LOL! Thank you thank you. I’m speechless. :3

One thing to note is that, turns out, people rarely read hashtags no matter how only a few is put. I clearly put the hashtag #menuaigosip (#tobegossipedabout) and from all of the comments, only ONE aware of that and realize it’s an experiment! Hihihi. –> That explains why people are still asking about the location of my photos on Instagram eventhough I’ve put it on the hashtags. Hahaha.

But anyway, I truly feel grateful that I have the best of Facebook friends. Who are happy seeing me happy. Vice versa, pictures which show happiness or family or love or sharing and caring is the kind of picture I Like and Comment the fast. Without hesitation! Love is contagious. Seeing a picture about love kinda grow the love inside of me.

So now my apology to you my Facebook friends.


Sorry for giving you hope about my love life and the future while the truth is, I am nowhere near of having a boyfriend now. I’m still wearing the same ring.

The ‘single’ ring. 😀

But thank you so much for all of your attention! Really, I feel so blessed and happy receiving all of the good comments. I promise this is the first and the last experiment I’ve ever done on the love theme (or maybe not?). Wish me luck on the real love journey so I have a good picture of me and my real partner to show you. Teehee!

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂