Kaleiveloscope 2015

I don’t know what I write up there. It’s a mix of kaleidoscope and traveling = kaleiveloscope! HAHAHA!! *please don’t throw bottles at me*

So 2015 has come to an end, a super awesome journey for me, a year to remember! As usual, at the end of the year, I’m making a kaleiveloscope to remind myself of how blessed I am to be able to do all these trips (and not getting broke because of it). 😛

On January, I started The Uberjourney with an impromptu trip back to Yogyakarta. Me and the cuz went to Mangunan where we saw an amazing 180 degrees view of greeneries and Oyo River.


Back from Yogyakarta, I went to Cirebon with my bestfriend, Kakatete, where for the first time on our traveling time, we experienced a street harassment. 😦

Mid January, I’m creating a new story; making Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia as my ‘home base’, living in a hotel for months, exploring the city and its surrounding as well as making new friends and honing my Malay Language skill till the point I am able to read blogposts written in Bahasa Malaysia. YEAH!! Best sangat!

That, and leverage my American English accent to Malaysian English! Hihi. Everyone who was amazed by my Malaysian English accent, shout here!! :)))

The enriching experience started by dragging two of my new friends (my oh-so-lovely Madi and Moka) to do a walking tour based on the map provided by the Tourism Malaysia.


February was a great month to me. I got the chance of being a host to several bloggers going on a fam trip around KL and Penang and also got a chance of doing my first Yee Sang with the colleagues! Not to forget an endless weekend trips to Genting Highland where I (just) discovered the gorgeous Chin Swee Cave Temple and soaked in the tranquility of Perdana Botanical Garden. On Chinese New Year Holiday, I went  to Hat Yai – Thailand, taking the bus from Kuala Lumpur.


On March, I had my ‘trip of the year’; going with my three Frogs to NEPAL, seeing the incredible Himalaya as my morning view! Still can’t move on from that trip till now. I believe it’s a sign. What about another trip to Nepal in 2016? *winks* 😛

annapurna range

End of April, I went to Ipoh for a weekend trip before finally going back to Indonesia for some times.

On May, I went to Penang again but this time with my #DuoGinuk besties, Kakatete, where we enjoyed taking (free) buses to go around Penang. Then me and mom went to North Sumatra to visit Bukit Gundaling and (the uber magnificent) Sipiso-piso Waterfall. End of May, I took mom for a weekend getaway to Singapore where I tricked her to do a ‘first time tourist’ route. 😛

June, my birthday month (and a month with no long weekend. *sniff*) filled with only one trip to Siem Reap – Cambodia where I did a trip around the Angkor temples in one day.


Early July, I went for a short getaway to Bali and fall in love with Canggu. Mid July marks a new life for me and 9 other people in the company cus the company in Jakarta was shut down and all of us were laid off. So….yay to more free time to do traveling!! *put yo hands up in the airrrr!!* During Raya Holiday, mom decided to have Raya outside Indonesia so off we went to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Macau.

On August, I accidentally planned a Saga Trip where I did four trips back to back. Started out with Ubermamajourney to Myanmar where we had a chance to do a food offering and me circumnavigating several temples in Yangon and Bago. Then continued with a trip to Ternate – North Moluccas. And then to Kota Kinabalu – Malaysia (I haven’t written anything about it. :P). And last one to Bogor to have a Travel Bloggers Indonesia Gathering. ❤


On September, I had the chance of being a part of bloggers joining a trip from KAI and Altour Travel Indonesia. We went to Semarang on tourism train! We also had a chance of hopping on a steam-loco. Yeap, old steam loco! *waving gracefully*

October marks another fun amazing trip with the Frogs. This time, we went on an Ora Beach Trip in Central Moluccas. Two times going to Moluccas in 2015 made a friend of mine (who is a local of Moluccas) said “I guess you fall in love with Moluccas. Why not fallin in love with a guy from Moluccas?” AWWWWWW!!! *learning to make colo-colo (Moluccas’ Unique Sambal)*


And now, December. What’s on December?

I’m doing another job, back to being single, and … oh wait, it’s kaleiveloscope, not a personal achievement. Okay sorry.

On December, I went to another trip with Kakatete to Yogyakarta where we FINALLY tried a fancy stay on Hyatt Regency Yogya (mainly cus it was free but then we had a super awesome stay experience so I don’t mind paying their rate and stay there next time I come to Yogyakarta. :P). And closed with a trip to Geopark Ciletuh. Both, I haven’t found time to write about. Hihihi.


Clearly,  2015 was an amazing journey to me. A year where I decided to be stronger, to be brave, to take many opportunities Lord gave me, and to cherish what He gave me. And being grateful. Beside being awesome and cute and pretty and sweet, of course. The usual.

I know right! 😀

As how I response everytime people say I’m lucky;

“I’m (basically) not (just) lucky. I’m blessed. :)”

Awwww.. *rolling on the asphalt road*

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂