About Ubermoon


Hi, I’m Bulan.. 🙂

A woman who always avow myself as a kid and thankfully, blessed with a face who looks younger than my age! Hahaha.

I started traveling in 2012 when a friend accidentally putting my name in her travel-group. After that trip, the rest is history; I become pretty much addicted to come to places I’ve never been to, in-breath different air, and try something new.

I’m now working as a corporate (funny, cute, and happy) monkey after taking a one and a half years gap-year for traveling. Before that? I was an English Teacher for Kindergarten Students for four years! I know! Poor kids, they must be very happy to have this wacky teacher away missing me that much now. :’)

About my name, Rembulan means Moon in Bahasa Indonesia. Unique, isn’t it! But no matter how unique that name is, I always feel abashed every time people call me Rembulan, so just call me Bulan, or Bee, or Indira, or Honey.

Indira Honeybee?


I write this blog to keep a memory about my blessed and full-of-drama life. Writing is a therapy for me to pour my heart out in a positive way (better to have ‘positive’ in writing than in testpack, aite! EH?! 😛 ). But if this blog somehow helps or entertains you; I’m so happy! That’s why, to make me happy, keep reading, ah! 😀

As a disclaimer, The Uber Journey is not solely a travel blog. It’s a life blog of me, Ubermoon. Hence, you may find other writings about make up in Ubercentil, about life and many random things in Personal, and about mother dotty trip (and slip) in UberMamaJourney.

In 2014, through this blog, I got a chance to be a part of Langkah Dewi, contributing as one of the writer in writing traveling-love story in Rumah Adalah Di Mana Pun. This book is now available in Gramedia Bookstore. Kindly buy and read, my story is about Baluran! 😀

I also got another chance to write about my trip to Morocco in Runway Aviaton E-Magz. Click on the pic below to download the edition and read my writing in page 76. 🙂

Runway Aviation Maret

So that’s all about me! I hope you enjoy my writing and kindly click on the star if you like it and give comment if you wanna say hi. I always try to reply! 😀

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂 <– a Bahasa Indonesia phrase to say, “Smile (first)!” 🙂