Bike Riding in Nagarkot Nepal


“It’s up to you guys if you wanna go out trekking, I just want to chill here.”, said me to the Frogs when we arrived in Nagarkot, a village two and a half hours car ride from Nepal’s capital city, Kathmandu. Nagarkot is the last destination of #PrincessAndTheFrogs trip in Nepal and I really want to enjoy my time there; meditating and being grateful of what life has given me that far.

Ahey! Sounds super enough? πŸ˜›

Natarajasana in Nagarkot Nepal

Unfortunately, chillin was NOT what I finally did in Nagarkot – thanks to the my three men!

After breakfast, we decided to go out to do what we said as an ‘easy walk near the hotel’. Walk walk walk then we stumbled upon a big map of Nagarkot. We looked at the map and suddenly decided to rent a bike and go to the view tower! The view tower is only 6km away from the big map spot. Not too far, we thought, so bike riding in Nagarkot must be fun! It did sound like a good idea. And I love bike riding. So I joined the Frogs.

#PrincessAndTheFrogs BIKE RIDING IN NAGARKOT NEPAL!! Yeaaaaah!!

One frog here, two frogs there

The breeze caressed my hair as I rode my bike fast at the side of the hill. The view was great and I thought, I made a good decision to bike riding in Nagarkot. We talked and chat on our way and everyone was happy.


The road went uphill. Pedaling felt heavier. I put all of my energy to my feet and pedaled as hard as I could till the point of surrendering. I stepped off of my bike and walked with the bike on my side. The Frogs did the same. We walked to what seem to be FOREVER and everytime we passed another travelers from the other direction, I asked them how long would it take to get to the tower and most of them said “Another ten to twenty minutes.”

That happened more than five times!!

ANOTHER TEN TO TWENTY MINUTES, MY ASS!! *pardon my language – I’m totally in zen right now. πŸ˜› *

You can’t see but that road is actually inclining. πŸ˜€
Resting after bike riding walking with a bike

In one part, the road was flat so I hopped on my bike again and pedaled. Just by the time I felt happy,Β the road inclined again so I stepped off of my bike and walkedΒ AGAIN. *sigh*

It was actually not bike riding. It was walking with a bike at the side. LOL.

Two-third of the way, we cursed our decision to go bike riding in Nagarkot. It was not even close to ‘easy walk near the hotel’! Hahahaha. But this Princess and the Frogs are not quitters, so we strove our way and worked our asses three times more than when we worked it at the gym – which is never.

After around 3hours (walking plus one stop in a stall enjoying instant noodle and tea and water), we finally arrived at the bottom of the view tower. I felt dizzy and fatigue. My sight was a bit blurred and I could feel the symptoms of me having a low blood pressure. I didn’t go up the tower, decided to just rest at one of the stall while waiting for the Frogs to go up.

I kinda feel the word ‘Gurung’ is great to be a child’s name. #random

This is Nagarkot View Tower – Photo by Panji The Frog
View from Nagarkot View Tower – Photo by Panji The Frog

After some times, they were back and we decided to go back directly because the sky was a bit dark already. Going back, as imagined, was fast and easy! The road went downhill most of the time we barely need to pedal! We even need to hold the brake lever halfway to slow the ride! If going up needed 3hours, we went back only in 30minutes! HAHAHAHA.

Lesson Learned:

No need to do bike riding in Nagarkot. Just do trekking to the view tower. πŸ˜€

After what-so-called as bike riding in Nagarkot, we went straight back to the hotel and stayed inside for hours, recharging our energy. We’re so lame. Hihihi. But bike riding in Nagarkot is a remarkable experience. So remarkable we’ll think twice if offered to do it again. Walk is totally better there! LOL!

Senyum dulu ah.. πŸ™‚


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