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Delapan Kelakuan Tamu Indonesia yang Menyebalkan

“Lokal tamumu, Mbak? Hebat. Sabar yo.. Aku nggak mau nerima tamu lokal lagi. Bikin pusing!” salah satu teman sesama pengurus penginapan berkomentar. Saya cekikikan. Dulu saat belum mengurus penginapan sendiri dan kerja di… Continue reading

Puasa Instagram

“Kamu tumbuh ya. Yang subur, yang sehat. Jangan menyerah.. Kuat kuat sampai nanti waktu panen ya..”, saya berbicara sambil menghadap sebuah pot berisi tanah yang masih nampak rata. Iya, saya berbicara ke benih… Continue reading

Rekomendasi Film India/Hindi

Saya bukan tipe yang suka nonton film India dulunya, setiap nonton selalu suka terperangah sendiri sama pemain yang sedikit-sedikit nangis, sedikit-sedikit meratap, eh gak berapa lama nari-nari keliling pohon. Emosi Mbaknya jungkir baliknya… Continue reading

Ultimate Travelmate: Katatete

When members of Travel Bloggers Indonesia talk about writing a unison post on ‘travelmate’ for this Valentine’s Day, my mind wanders to my ultimate travelmate. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE! Err..… Continue reading

Dear Terrorist, Thank You..

I was in the mid of enjoying massage when my mom called and asked where I was. Her voice was shaking, a bit nervous. When I answered, she said firmly, “Be careful. There’s… Continue reading

Kaleiveloscope 2015

I don’t know what I write up there. It’s a mix of kaleidoscope and traveling = kaleiveloscope! HAHAHA!! *please don’t throw bottles at me* So 2015 has come to an end, a super… Continue reading

The Best of Facebook Friends

“I think my Facebook Friends got excited when I have a partner. Even more excited than me.” – That’s what I said to my Frogs, minutes after Chocky sent our picture to the Princess and The… Continue reading

Favorite Online Shop of 2015

I know 2015 still got another 1 month to end, but I just can’t wait to have this favorite online shop post on my blog so I’m publishing it now! 😀 You know… Continue reading

Living in a Hotel Room for Months

How does living in a hotel room for months feel like? Several people proposed that question to me referring to my experience living in a hotel room for nearly four full months early this… Continue reading

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