Chin Swee Temple, Gorgeous Inside Out

Chin Swee Caves Temple

Have you heard about Chin Swee Temple? People think Genting Highlands as a must-visit place in Kuala Lumpur but not many knows about the existence of Chin Swee Temple there. Eyes all lit thinking about the casino even though I suspect not all who come can actually play Poker or any other game and dimmed when thinking ‘What?? A temple near a casino?? Bummer!’ Yes.. I can feel you brotha!

But turns out, Chin Swee Temple is not a bummer after all!!

Chin Swee Temple or Chin Swee Caves Temple refers to a beautiful majestic temple located at 1.402 metres above sea level. What’s so unique is that this temple is situated inside a cave so the background of the altar is a rocky cliff. I adore the sculpture of the temple because it’s so intricate and details. Painted with gold, red, and black color, the details pop up and looks really alive.

To get to this temple, you can take the free shuttle-bus from First World Hotel in Genting Highlands or if you go by car, drive down around 10min from the peak of the mountain. You’ll see many signs direct you to this temple and the road is in a good condition, so it’s a totally worry-free trip. There is no entrance fee taken at the temple (haleluya!) and you can explore the 28-acre land for a superb view from above.

View from Chin Swee Temple

Coming to Chin Swee Temple, you’re not going to find (only) a tall pagoda and a small temple; there are also two huge statues: one is Buddha and another one is Kuan Yin Goddes. But what attracts me most there is the diorama of a journey – hell to heaven in the after life in accordance to Chinese traditions and beliefs. It tells what will you get when you do act A and what will you get when you do act B. The diorama is so explicit and scary. I even lost words when I saw the dioramas below. 🙁


If you come to Genting Highlands to wind down, Chin Swee Temple is a good place to do so. Despite the dioramas, the place is actually very good. The altitude makes it fit to relax and enjoy the scenery. It is also an interesting place to take photos at. At the time I came, there are three photoshoots being held, most of the model was wearing Cheong Sam and they posed gracefully amid the strong wind. I’m sure the photos will be awesome. The effort was notable.

Next time you plan to go to Genting Highlands, don’t just go for the casino, the mall, or the theme park. Pay a visit to Chin Swee Temple and absorb the tranquility it offers. A note to follow: even though it’s a touristy place, it is still a temple – a place of worship, many people come to pray there and though you might not be of the same believer, do respect everything. 😉

Smile! 🙂

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Road to Chin Swee Temple
The fog is coming!
Buddha in Chin Swee Temple
Am I in Malaysia?

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