Easy Way to Reach Bukit Lawang

So my blog was in a hiatus.

I guess I grew tired of telling a story in a form of writing for some times. I had only two posts for the month of January, good enough to let me stay in Travel Bloggers Indonesia, but that’s just about it. I traveled, a lot, actually, in January, and I brought my laptop to all my trips (the perks of doing remote working, mind you, I’m embracing it), but I didn’t have the feeling to share it. So I waited.

And now, the wait is OVER!

I’m writing again!


I went to Bukit Lawang last month. It was a super cute trip of me and Mas Moris. We’re friends since two or three years ago, being together in Jelajah Indonesia group. I guess it was two months ago, he admitted that he had always wanted to have a trip together. His statement was something like, “I’ve been wanting to go on a trip with you. An adventurous one. Want to take you to Nepal, but you’ve been to Nepal. Want to take you to India, but you’ve been to India.” and I laughed so hard reading his message. He just doesn’t know how adventurous it can be going to Mall Central Park here in Jakarta on Saturday Night. The adventure to find a parking lot is real! >.<

We then agreed to have an ‘adventurous trip’ to Bukit Lawang because he would have a job in Siantar a day before and then we would meet in Medan and continue the journey together to Binjai.

Bukit Lawang is a part of Mount Leuser National Park. Eighty percent of the park’s area lies in Aceh Special District and the rest lies in Binjai, North Sumatra. We got in from Binjai but then we crossed to Aceh inside the park. How cool is that. 😀

Here’s Mas Moris with his right foot in Medan and his left in Aceh 😀

Going to Bukit Lawang was prolly the simplest trip to the jungle I’ve ever done. Not to mention, comfortable too – for my Indonesian adventurous standard. There are several ways to get to Bukit Lawang, either by bus or by car, but we took the train. And I’m so happy we took this route. 😀

From Medan, we took the commuter train to Binjai. Medan to Binjai by train only takes about 30min. The train ticket is IDR5.000 per person. The usual commuter train is non-AC one, but in our case, we were lucky cus they changed the coach for the day, using the business class coach. Air conditioned! This Princess is happy.

Upon arriving at the Binjai Station, we took a Betor (motored wagon) to get to the Van Stand. Twas only 5-6min and IDR10.000 away. The journey continued by taking the van right to Bukit Lawang.

You know it’s a van to Bukit Lawang when it has ‘BLawang’ plate hung on its front window. Like obviously 😛

“Kak, may I put your backpack on top of the van?”, asked the conductor, looking at my half-body-height backpack.

“How much is a seat?”, I asked.

“15.000 rupiah.”

“I’ll just take two seats.” I grinned.

Yes, I took two seats. Hahaha. Well, I can’t risk putting my backpack (with my laptop inside) on top of the ‘adventurous’ van for a three hours journey, no? Plus, it acts as a geat pillow during the trip. 😛

The three hours trip was nothing short of fun. We sat at the back row, I occupied the right window, Mas Moris occupied the left one. The wind flew my hair here and there. The weather was certainly on us. I’m simply happy cus it was not hot. 😀

Wind, like, really? :))

We passed a traditional Batak (tribe in North Sumatra) wedding held at a house at the side of the street. It was a unique one (for a Jakartan – like moi). The wedding I use to come to is usually a standing party. I went to a Batak wedding once and it was a sitting party – like on a chair. This one, was not. People were sitting on a mat spread under the tent! Well yeah, technically, it’s a sitting party, but on a mat. 😀

How I love that lady’s smile. 🙂

And look at these flower boards! That’s a huge one (two boards connected as one) and it actually doesn’t made out of flowers. It was some sort of ribbon arrangement. Hihi.


Then we passed palm plantations. Huge palm plantations.

Then a granny with a traditional brocade kebaya hopped on. And she refused to sit at the back because she said she couldn’t overstep the bench (the van was front-facing one, you gotta overstep benches to get to the back seat), and before we knew it, she talked to another woman at the front, chatting like they know each other for a long long time. Hihi. The perks of living in a village. You can just talk and chat to a stranger in a van. 🙂

Thee hours later, we arrived at the gate of Bukit Lawang. We booked a stay at the Ecolodge and according to blog posts I’ve read, it’s actually not that far from the gate. But then it was a sunny day and I don’t want to walk to find out where it is and basically I’m just spoiled so we took another betor ride for IDR10.000. Hahahaha.

My excuse: we’re sharing fortune. This time to the betor driver. We’re noble like that. 😛

And there you go, three minutes later we’re in this amazing lodge at the banks of Bahorok River. So happy and so fresh. Everyone there was so kind and full of courtesy. We spent our afternoon chatting, playing at the river, and checking out the property. Ended up with a plate full of banana fritters and honey and a super happy self. 😀


From that moment on, I kinda knew, I could spend a week or two there at Ecolodge Bukit Lawang and not gonna complaint. It’s a serene, tranquil place to be. And for someone doing remote working: good internet connection too! 😀

You know what, maybe I should go there again and stay for a week or two. Waddayasay? 😀

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂


*mom throws stainless pan*


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