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Hi Uberfriends!

A new breakthrough of 2015!

Many of you wish I could write here in English and now I’m about to grant it! I know, superyayness aite!

I tried to write in English several times, but sadly, it is not very comfortable for me. Written English had helped me in most of my paper (back in the days when I’m naive and sweet :p) but it helps none in such a popular random writing about life and travel. I’m more comfortable writing in Bahasa Indonesia. All of the travelogue here are very personal and some of the words used can’t be translated well to English. I got massive headache and then dazed to Ryan Gosling’s arms when I try doing that.

However, after reading a tweet from someone (I forgot who, I’m sorry) saying something like ‘How can you promote Indonesia (tourism) to the world, through your blog, if you write in Bahasa?’; I’m ‘awakened’. I need to have English Posts on my site! But how to do it without the dizzy output?

Ask someone to do the work and take away that dizziness from me! HAHAHA. Smart, aye?

So give your round of applause to Silka, Uberfriends!

I was awesome cute, aye? :p
I was awesome cute, aye? :p

She is my best friend since college! A super-smart girl who likes to procrastinate. But worry not, every time she did that and collected her paper in last minute, she got out with an A or at least B+! Yes, life is unfair indeed. :p

She is currently living in DC while taking her master degree under Fullbright Scholarship. Truly bright, I know I’ve made a good decision having her onboard The Uber Journey and take my dizziness away!

There will be two posts per month on Indonesia Tourism. I will put credits to every post translated by her as well as the link to the Bahasa Indonesia post. English Post without the credits means I’m the one writing it. Yes, I’m still trying, kindly appreciate my effort. :p

And why only two posts per month? Because she’s busy and I don’t have that much money to pay her more than two posts translation. Nuff said. LOL.

So, I hope you you you and you who asked me to have the posts written in English are happy. Keep reading! Be mesmerized by the richness of my country. Come and feel the sense! I am a #ProudIndonesian indeed. 🙂

Smile! 🙂

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