How to get to Genting Highlands

Can we go to Genting Highlands? – asked me in one Sunday.

Genting Highlands Malaysia or Resort World Genting is a big entertainment complex equipped with theme park, casino, hotels, and everything (said to be) extravagant. It has been a magnet to many people visiting Kuala Lumpur. Funny thing is, several times I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, I rarely want to go to Genting Highlands. Maybe because I’m such a good girl who don’t want to spend my money gambling – oh, mom must be very proud of me reading it! Or actually because I don’t know how to gamble, HAHAHAHA, lame!

I went to Genting using bus from KL Sentral. The counter to buy the ticket hides in a nook where no one passes it in regular. Take the escalator to the second floor (or first floor if you consider the first floor as the ground floor – I’m so bad at this floor thingy, so bad sometimes I think UG stands for Under Ground -____-/yea, go laugh/) from the escalator at the opposite direction with the escalator going to Nu Sentral. Dizzy much? No. It’s easy.

Bus ticket to Genting Highlands, don’t lose the BUS and GENTING SKYWAY part, and don’t tear it yourself

In KL Sentral, there are two escalators set. The one consists of four escalators (two ups and two downs) with a wide staircase in between leads you to Nu Sentral – a new shopping mall and my new playground. At the far opposite direction, there is another set of escalator consists of only two escalators (one up and one down) and a more narrow staircase. Take that one, go up, walk ten steps then look at your left. There are several counters but most of them close already. Take thirteen steps there and you shall see there is one counter opens – that’s the Genting Highlands Shuttle Bus counter! Superyayness! 😀

Ticket to Resort World Genting is RM10.30; it includes Skyway Cable Car ride. The bus is available at the bus stop under the four escalators set. Yes, it’s on the opposite side of the world counter. So from the ticket counter, go down again, walk walk walk walk till you see the four escalators – don’t take it, take the way below it on the left (when you’re facing the escalators) that leads you to another escalator down. Go down and you shall see the bus stops. This is the photo of the bus which took me to Resort World Genting. Sorry for the blurry pic. I was trying to get a good pic but the uncle shouted ‘TEN O’CLOCK, TEN O’CLOCK, TEN O’CLOCK GO NOW NOW!!’ and that was my schedule. D’uh. Uncle, you don’t know a blogger needs time to take good shot of your bus, ah? 🙁

See ah, Uncle! 🙁

It took around one hour to get to Gohtong Jaya town. Bus will stop there then people will lead us (or lead yourself following the sign, don’t be spoiled, ah!) to the cable car terminal upstairs. Get into the cable car and enjoy the 11minutes smooth ride with great view in between!

The first three minutes, I was so fascinated by the cable car. So fascinated I rarely move inside. Hahaha. You know, the feeling of a 56kg girl who thinks whenever she moves her hands, the cable car will swing. LOL. So I was being a nice girl for three minutes, sitting nicely and not moving.

After three minutes I kinda get my jig on it. I started to move bit by bit, centimeters by centimeters, left right left right. By the eleventh minutes, I already dance and do handstand inside the cable car. I even got down the cable car in a yoga natarajasana pose; hopping with one leg only. How cool am I, huh?

Oh look at the sky so blue!

Wait, you know I was just kidding, right?

It was an okay ride. Not really amazing because I certainly got really bored after the first 8minutes ride – hence the handstand and yoga pose. Fortunately, I got on the ride at a daylight and got a super blue sky accompanying. I can’t imagine how bored the night ride would be. All those lush green forest can’t be seen looking all pitch dark, only you inside the cable car that runs slowly for 3.38km, 6 meters per second. Several empty cable cars from the opposite direction pass yours and you can feel the loneliness creeps inside you, makes you think, when was the last time you feel the happiness of going to a new place with someone you love who holds your hands and smiles at you every now and then. Life is hard baby, life is hard indeed. *patting your back with sympathy*

Well, I went there with a guy, so I didn’t feel that way. HOLAH! *swag*

Around 9-10 minutes, the cable car gets really close to the peak. The mist became thicker and the white building could be seen surrounded by it. I must say, it was beautiful, mysterious, yet creepy at the same time. Hihihi.

Oh the mist!
One of the hotel in Resort World Genting.

Exactly 11 minutes, the cable car entered the building and I screm “CASINO, HERE I COME!!”

I held my rucksack closely. Ninety thousand ringgit was there. Ready to be spent. YEAH!!

CA SI N……..

*No Mom, I was just kidding*


I didn’t go to the casino. I was just strolling around the place and found it quite … unique. It’s not as grandeur as I expected it to be. Even, it was rather sad. This sadness will be explained in other post (if I somehow manage to finish it). For this time being, please be happy with this post ya. Hihihi.

To get back to Kuala Lumpur, take the same route again. Be really aware of the bus schedule and the 11 minutes you gotta spare for the cable car ride. So let’s say the bus back to Kuala Lumpur is at 6.30PM; then hop on the cable car around 6PM. So at least you still have some times to walk peacefully without the need to rush rush and little possibility of you missing the bus. Bus won’t stop for long to wait in Gohtong Jaya. It was stopping for around 3-4 minutes only. So, be prepared. 😉

Smile! 🙂

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