Indonesia Custom Clearance and Airport Scanning Pass

For several weeks, my Facebook Timeline has been quite hip with the video and post share on Indonesia Custom Clearance and (Airport) Aviation Security Officers’ Search. Apparently, not many people understand what can or can’t be brought inside Indonesia – as well as what can or can’t be brought onboard the airplane!

Luggage Roof

So here I am, trying to breakdown the points in a simplest way possible. Hope everyone is enlighten by this post and take a good care of their own belonging and able to walk gracefully pass the scanning process. 😉

  1. Can I shop outside Indonesia? – Of course you can! But keep in mind that the things you bring back to the country must not exceed the value of USD250 (per person) or USD1000 (per family).
  2. What if my shopping is more than that? I’m a shopping freak! – You got the money to shop, then you must have the money to pay for the extra tax. Upon the scanning process, the officers may stop you for a more thorough check. My suggestion: BE COOPERATIVE! There’s no need to go against them and try to lure them with bribery. That’s low. Not only for them but even for you. 🙂 USD250 per person is the free-of-tax goods. If you shop more than that, just pay the extra tax. For people as rich as us, no biggie, right? *flipping hair with a 100 dollars note* – *like I have* Hihihi.
  3. What if I they accuse my shopping to be more than USD250 but it actually is not! It was on Sale! – That’s why you have to save all of the receipts of your shopping. When the officer ask you, you can show the receipt that the item you bought is below USD250. Do not lie to them about the price! Especially do not lie to an officer that you got a Louis Vuitton handbag for USD250! D’UH! 😀
  4. I’m working outside Indonesia, and when I want to come back, there’s no possible way I bring everything in the value below USD250. What should I do? – If you want to bring many things back to Indonesia, ship them. There’s another tax policy for that matter. USD250 limit is for tax-free personal delivery. Things you bring back with you yourself.
  5. My friend asks me to bring some cigarettes back. Can I? – Yes you can! Do bear in mind that you can only bring up to 200 cigarettes. For other tobacco products? Yes to up to 25 cigars and 100 grams of tobacco per passenger. Tell that to your friend, don’t be too nice as a messenger. Watch ‘Locked Up Abroad’ and you know why I said that. 🙂
  6. What about liquor? – You can bring liquor. The max is 1litre per passenger. Do not exceed that unless you want to see the officer pour your liquor to a bucket behind them. I’ve seen them doing that to a passenger stood before me and I was about to burst laughing looking at his face when the officers took 3 bottles of liquor from his bag and mercilessly pour the liquid to a bucket. Hihi.
  7. Drugs? – As in the narcotics? Hello Jail and Bullet Hole. 🙂
  8. Oh, no, I mean medicine! 😀Aiyoo! Hahaha. Yes you can bring meds. Be sure to have a doctor letter/prescription in which the name of the meds is mentioned. And then declare it. For OTC Meds, I believe as long as the amount is reasonable for a personal use, then it’s fine.
  9. Anything more I need to know regarding what can or can’t be brought to Indonesia?  You can check more info about it here.
  10. Any tips? Pack your bag in a simplest most organized way possible. Know where you put things inside so when you need to open your bag, you know what things the officer may probably ask in the first place and you can take it out fast to show that it’s not a dangerous item without unpacking all of the items in your baggage. Also it’s good to put things in a different bag/container inside your suitcase instead of laying everything on top of each other. I rarely been asked to open my baggage but when I have to, I politely ask the officer if I can open my own bag and show them everything. Usually, they let me. Do open your own bag and lay all the bag/containers inside it to the table to show the officer. Do not ask the Aviation Security Officer to put things back on place after they search your bag because what? BECAUSE IT’S NOT THEIR JOB TO DO SO. 🙂

Now for things that can or can’t be brought on the airplane.

Doesn’t match the post, but whatever, I just want to put this here. Hihi.
  1. All kinds of aerosol spray in an amount unreasonable for personal use can’t be brought onboard. When it’s still a reasonable amount for personal use, like a small traveling package of hairspray, you can still bring it. *backcombing ma fringe*
  2. Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices can be brought on your carry on – according to TSA. But check again with your airline regarding this; some airlines may prohibit the items onboard.
  3. Non-flammable liquid, gel, or aerosol that is less than 100ml (3.4oz) per package can be brought in either carry-on or checked baggage.
  4. As for food, you can check here for the amount allowed to bring onboard. But consult to your airline for this as one airline may have different policy on food being brought from outside. Most Low Cost Carrier doesn’t allow food from outside. Reason being: they sell food onboard, you bringing your own food reduces their ancillary income. Hehehe. For Durian, take the fruit meat out of the spiky whole-fruit and put it in an air tight container, seal it. Put the container in a plastic then fill the plastic with coffee powder – surrounding the container. Seal the plastic. Put in your checked baggage. Other suggestion, just buy the durian on your destination city la. Why so complicated. 😛
  5. Most sharp objects for personal use can be brought on your checked baggage. So, don’t forget to put the knife to cut the durian on your baggage, okay! 😛 Knife (or even scissors) are not allowed for the carry-on.

I guess that’s about all. If you need to check whether the things you want to bring onboard is allowed, click here and you can see the full list of what can or can’t be brought.

I hope this post helps you to understand more on being a responsible traveler. And I hope there’s no more complaint post on social media that says ‘The Avsec Officer searched my bag, took out 6 of my snowsprays, and they didn’t put things back on place! So unacceptable!’

And people be like #*$^$()#$& *facepalm*


Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂


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