Local Culinary Treats in Belitung

January 15, 2012

I didn’t have time to do an extensive browsing session on Belitong before I went on this trip. I only had time to read one blog but nothing stuck on my mind. Hihihi. One thing I knew for sure, I wanted to try Manggar Coffee. 😉 Apparently Abang has listed the food and beverage that we must try.

We started by eating Mie Belitong/Mie Celor (mie = noodles). Abang found out that the best one is Bakmie Atep. With a very basic map from the hotel, we went out to find Bakmi Atep. After went on for a while, I felt we might have taken the wrong way, but when I looked to the left, there it was! Bakmi Atep! Hahaha. We went there right away. The noodles were delicious and the soup was incredibly good. It was sweet and fresh. The portion left us wanting for more but we didn’t think we would be able to finish it if we ordered more. 😀 I added some sambal (traditional homemade chili paste) and it tasted so good! I literally drank up the entire soup. Hihihi.

Mie Belitong

When we arrived in Belitong, my friend Hanny asked me to buy her some Kunci oranges. It was the first time I knew about that orange. When we were eating Mie Celor, I asked the waitress whether they would use Kunci orange if we ordered orange juice? She nodded with a smile on her face, so we immediately ordered two glasses of orange juice! It was fresh, sweet, and a bit tangy. It was my favorite drink in Belitong. Bye for now, beer! hihihi.

Kunci Orange Drink

Abang mentioned Gangan a couple of times, which apparently sort of a yellow curry fish dish (my uncle Hadi said that his mother used to make this and added pineapples as one of the ingredients). I knew I have tasted this dish before but I forgot where, I might have asked my maid to cook this from a recipe. It was really fresh, and very delicious to eat with rice and sambal. Yummy!!!! Sorry about the sambal thing, I tend to add sambal to almost everything (so Indonesian), but actually Gangan without sambal was already delicious. 😀

Gangan is the one at the far up right yellow-looking dish. 😀

And of course, Manggar Coffee. Hehehe. I was quite surprised to find that it was sweet even though it was plain black coffee. I’m not a fan of black coffee, I only drink Macchiato and consider it to be bitter. Judging from the way it looked, I thought this Manggar Coffee would be even more bitter than Macchiato. But apparently, it was not! It was even quite sweet, actually. The only black coffee that I managed to finish was this coffee. Hehehe.

Manggar Coffee

Did I gain weight when I went home from Belitong? YEP! In the airport when we checked in, I asked the officer whether it was okay for me to try and weigh myself on the luggage scale. He said yes! So I went on the scale and my heart fluttered a bit when I saw the slowly increasing numbers. It stopped at 53.65 kg. I was 51 kg before I went to Belitong. It’s okay, don’t worry too much about it. It will come down eventually. *doubt* *fingerscrossed* *tight*

Okay, I’m going to do some exercise now.

*dancing around, washing undies, hanging to dry, ordering some fried rice, sweeping the floor, mopping, ordering some Gangan with rice*


Smile! 😀

Written by: Bulan

Translated by: Silka from Makanan dan Minuman Khas Belitong

Final edit by: Bulan

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