Pesan Hotel Gaya Kamu di Mister Aladin

Beberapa bulan lalu, banyak blogpost bertebaran yang membicarakan tentang Mister Aladin ini. Pas saya cari tahu, ternyata situs Mister Aladin sedang mengadakan lomba blog. Padahal pas baca di awal, saya kira, Mister Aladin… Continue reading

Amsterdam Membuat Saya Jatuh Cinta

Bau yang terasa aneh menyergap indera penciuman saya sekeluarnya saya dari Amsterdam Central Station. Selama satu setengah hari pertama di Amsterdam, saya mencoba mengira ‘wewangian’ apa itu dan kenapa begitu pekat tercium. Baru… Continue reading

London, Kau Mengagetkan (Mama)!

Sebagai anak jurusan Sastra Inggris, mengunjungi London (atau Inggris) adalah impian. Sama seperti impian anak Sastra Mandarin mengunjungi Beijing (kata Nisa) atau anak Sastra Belanda mengunjungi Amsterdam. Atau anak Sastra Indonesia mengunjungi Jakarta¬†(eh… Continue reading

Japan and Their Confusing Passes

There are many things to be be prepped before your travel: tickets, itinerary, visa, what clothes to wear, what accessories should be brought, what lipstick color should be packed. ūüėõ Traveling to Japan… Continue reading

Nine Days in Japan

So, a new blogpost is here! Who’s clappin? Hihi.. Many have requested me to write¬†about the nine days in Japan trip¬†that me and BuJendral (my mom that is) did two weeks ago. Most… Continue reading

Ultimate Travelmate: Katatete

When members of Travel Bloggers Indonesia talk about writing a unison post on ‘travelmate’ for this Valentine’s Day, my mind wanders to my ultimate travelmate. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE! Err..… Continue reading

Considering a Move to Surabaya? Here’s what to Expect

Located in beautiful East Java overlooking the Madura Straight, Surabaya is one of the fastest growing cities in Indonesia, second only to Jakarta. Home to Tanjung Perak, one of the busiest ports in… Continue reading

Easy Way to Reach Bukit Lawang

So¬†my blog¬†was in a hiatus. I guess I grew tired of telling a story in a form of writing for some times. I had only two posts for the month of January, good… Continue reading

Dear Terrorist, Thank You..

I was in the mid of enjoying massage when my mom called and asked where I was. Her voice was shaking, a bit nervous. When I answered, she said firmly, “Be careful. There’s… Continue reading

Feeling Like a Princess at Hyatt Regency Yogyakarta

Close to the end of 2015, I did a weekend getaway with my bestfriend, Kakatete, to Yogyakarta. Why so sudden? Cus¬†I won a return train ticket from PT KAI and two nights free… Continue reading

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