2016 Indonesia Calendar

So we finally (almost) come to the end of 2015. What better way to spend the last two months if not by buying tickets for 2016 trips, right! šŸ˜€ But wait, as an… Continue reading

Living in a Hotel Room for Months

How does living in a hotel room for months feel like? Several people proposed that question to me referring to my experience livingĀ in a hotel room for nearly four full months early this… Continue reading

Myanmar 4 Days 4 Nights Trip

This Myanmar 4 days 4 nights trip was really an impulsive plan. I know AirAsia got promotion happening at that time but I didn’t actually want to book a ticket. I was just… Continue reading

Don’t Buy Sams*ng J5!

Many write about how good Sams*ng J5 is on their blogs, and I was one stoop reader for taking the writing (too) seriously (while it’s clearly a sponsored post) and bought the phone.… Continue reading

Ternate, A Place for The Brokenhearted

“Pak Rahman, if you see my number on your phone display and I ask you to pick me up at the airport here in Ternate, it means, I’m brokenhearted. Be considerate. Entertain me.… Continue reading

To a flawless skin with Gizi Secret of Seaweed

I believe most Indonesians are familiar with the brand Gizi Skin Care. The whitening skin and face treatment from this brand has been on the market since more than 40 years ago. Can… Continue reading

Moderating Talkshows at SMESCO Netizen Vaganza

My heart stopped a beat when Gio sent me a message asking if I can be a moderator for an event. I was like, ummm… I use to being an MC, but never… Continue reading

Jakarta in 24 hours!

I am Bulan, 30 years old, a Jakartan. Born and lived in Jakarta, I am proud to say that I am proud of this city.Ā Jakarta is not only a governmental city, where most… Continue reading

Ingin Tahu Kelebihan dan Kekurangan Situs Online Shop? Ini ulasannya!

Belakangan ini, banyak muncul berbagai macam situs online shop yang menawarkan banyak kemudahan dan fasilitas untuk kita – para online shopping princesses. Hihihi. Kemudahan dan fasilitas tersebut bisa didapatkan hanya dengan memesan produk… Continue reading

Tangis Perempuan di Luar Kamar

Adalah salah bagi saya untuk ikut serta dalam Posbar Travel Bloggers Indonesia kali ini. Temanya horor mistis. Suatu tema yang saya hindari dari dulu. Jangankan ingin mengalami, mengingat (yang sudah pernah kejadian) saja… Continue reading

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