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Fix Jadi Anak Gaul di Umbul Ponggok

Umbul Ponggok ada di daerah Klaten, persisnya di Desa Ponggok. Makanya namanya Umbul Ponggok, karena kalau adanya di Desa Umbul, kalian sudah pasti tahu dong apa namanya? Umbuk Umbul. EAAA!!! *gak lucu* Saya ke Umbul Ponggok naik bus pariwisata bersama teman-teman undangan famtrip dari Dinas Budaya dan Pariwisata Jawa Tengah.


Bisa Karena Terpaksa di Paris

Pernah tahu perkataan ‘Bisa karena terpaksa’? Belum? Ya iya lah, karena adanya perkataan ‘Bisa karena biasa’, bukan ‘Bisa Karena Terpaksa’. Hihihi. *lanjut mamam Yupi* Tapi tahukah bahwa keterpaksaan juga membuat seseorang bisa melakukan sesuatu?… Continue reading

Ultimate Travelmate: Katatete

When members of Travel Bloggers Indonesia talk about writing a unison post on ‘travelmate’ for this Valentine’s Day, my mind wanders to my ultimate travelmate. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE! Err..… Continue reading

The Best of Facebook Friends

“I think my Facebook Friends got excited when I have a partner. Even more excited than me.” – That’s what I said to my Frogs, minutes after Chocky sent our picture to the Princess and The… Continue reading

Nepal, Tujuh Bulan Lalu..

Post ini dibuat tepat tujuh bulan yang lalu. Tujuh bulan dari hari ini, 28 Maret 2015. 😀 Saya sengaja menuliskannya di awal untuk bisa menangkap betapa aneh (dan lucu) perasaan ini mengingat bagaimana… Continue reading

14 Places I Would Want to Share with My Loved One

There are some places better visited by yourself (like Sephora) and there are some places better enjoyed when shared. Being a traveler (who is still single), I have come to several places which made me… Continue reading

Kuala Lumpur Walking Tour – Route 1

What are you looking for when you first arrive in a new country? Me: MAP! – Free map! Most country provides map for tourists. Some of them are free, some need to be… Continue reading

Street Harassment in Cirebon

Having been traveling here and there for quite some time, Cirebon is the first city I’ve been to that I don’t want to go back to – again. It’s all because of the… Continue reading

Station Cafe and Lounge. A good place to chill in Cirebon

I super rarely write a post solely on restaurant or cafe. But this place is remarkable, I can’t help! It’s Station. A cafe and lounge in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. We (me and… Continue reading

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