Top 8 Favorite Food in Penang

Penang is crazy good with their food and most Penangites loves eating. That’s why a visit to Penang is not valid without a culinary journey. Here’s top 8 favorite food in Penang that I want to have more more and more everytime I visit the island! They’re so good I don’t mind gaining 2 or 3kilos after my visit and I just can’t have enough. 😀 This list is in random order.

1. Kway Teow Th’ng

>> MY SUPER FAVE FOOD!! And I always go to the same auntie who sells it at Pasar Pulau Tikus. The best!!

Get here: Take 101 bus and say to the driver that you want to be dropped at Pasar Pulau Tikus.


2. Teochew Chendul

>> What’s coming to Penang without tasting the famous chendul? 😀 It’s refreshing especially for Penang hot weather.

Get here: Teochew Chendul is available at Lebuh Keng Kwee – take CAT Bus, drop at Stop 12.

Why do I suddenly really want to slurp this?!

3. Asam Laksa

>> First time I tried this food, I didn’t like it at all! It was too sour to my taste. The second time, I ate it together with Kakatete and had chendul to accompany and magically, it tastes awesome! I don’t know if it’s the accompanists or the taste is less sour now. Hahaha.

Get here: Available at Lebuh Keng Kwee, near Teochew Chendul’s cart – take CAT Bus, drop at Stop 12.

Oh it’s so photogenic!!

4. Chicken Rice

>> I’m aware that no chicken rice can beat the chicken rice I had in Malacca, but this Penang Chicken Rice comes second in place so I gotta list it. 😀 Try Fatty Boy Chicken Rice in front of Tune Hotels Downtown Penang and compare it with the tasteful Almond Milk or my new fave: Nutmeg Ice!

Get here: On the left of Tune Hotels Downtown Penang.

They have roasted chicken as well as the steamed one. Both are oh-so-great!!

5. Nasi Kandar

>> It’s rice (can be briyani or plain one) with assorted side dish that you can choose from calamari to chicken/mutton/cuttlefish curry. OH SO GOOD! I tried two places and both are good for me. One is Nasi Kandar Hameediyah (the oldest nasi kandar in Penang) in Campbell Street and the other one is Nasi Kandar Line Clear in Jalan Penang.

Get here: Take CAT Bus, drop at Stop 8.

Plus calamari, plus cuttlefish curry, plus chicken curry, plus vegetable, plus 1kilo more of bodyweight :’)

6. Char Kuey Teow and Wantan Mee 

>> There are many great char kuey teow and wantan mee all over Penang; I got mine at Gurney Drive Night Market and I think you should visit the night market too! Not only for the char kuey teow and wantan mee and rojak but also for the ambiance.

Get here: Take 101 bus to Gurney Plaza and walk towards the waterfront. The night market is available on the left of the Gurney Plaza’s door facing the waterfront.

Oh damn blur picture. :((

7. Nasi Ulam

>> Oh, I just can’t help it. Despite the look, this nasi (rice) is so yummy and fresh!! It is available at many hawker stalls at Pasar Pulau Tikus.

Get here: Take 101 bus and say to the driver that you want to be dropped at Pasar Pulau Tikus.

Freshness overload!

8. Otak-otak

>> Unlike otak-otak in Indonesia that’s fried and chewy, here’s what otak-otak looks like in Malaysia. I thought it would be mushy and yuck, but turns out, oh it’s so nice, soft, and flavorful! Get this at Pasar Pulau Tikus.

Get here: Take 101 bus and say to the driver that you want to be dropped at Pasar Pulau Tikus.

Yum yum!!

I admit; I ate way more than what I list here but these are my fave! I think the saying is right, it’s not valid to visit Penang without a culinary journey and 2 – 3 kilos extra weight on your belly. HAHAHAHA.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the moslem fasting month here in Indonesia and I wish all my moslem friends a great fasting journey till the victory in Raya. Don’t open this post again and again at daytime ya. Hihihi.

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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