Hi Friends,

After doing several trips with my mom and writing about them here, turns out some of you like the story of me bullying her on the trips. So I decided to make one dedicated page for our trips stories. Based on the polling here (thanks for everyone who have joined the poll)), this page name is UberMamaJourney! 😀

Uber from the Ubermoon (that is me!). If you wanna know more about me, kindly head to this About Ubermoon.

Mama from my mom, of course. But if you want her to also be your mom, you can. Send your offer to my email. Fees applied. 😛

Journey cus it’s our journey. A time we spend to make our relationship stronger. A route we create to make more burden to our credit card bills. Hahaha!

Be our guest and read our stories in the Category UberMamaJourney << click this link to get into the category page. If you wanna ask about me or mom or our trip, kindly send a comment. I always try to reply. Proposing questions here is free, proposing me? Well, that’s another story. 😛

Oh ya, my mom is also a writer. She even has some of her books out already. Maybe I will ask her to write for The Uber Journey someday. Agree?

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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