Ultimate Travelmate: Katatete

When members of Travel Bloggers Indonesia talk about writing a unison post on ‘travelmate’ for this Valentine’s Day, my mind wanders to my ultimate travelmate.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE!


Err.. Not close enough to see her face, ah?

Lemme give you a more close-up look!

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE!


Okay she’s going to kill me for posting that picture.

No kidding.

I’ll post another one.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present: KAKATETE!


Okay, I give up!

*waving white flag*

And why is it blur? -____-

I met Kakatete several years ago. We’re a part of the big Picnicholic Family!

I thought our first trip together was to Curug Cilember where we went with several other friends and had a blast weekend camping at the side of the waterfall talking about some other friends whose names shall not be mentioned. But turns out no, our first trip together was picnicking at Bogor Botanical Garden and that was like years ago when I’m still a sweet naive girl holding on to one-boyfriend-at-a-time principle!

We went on another trips with the friends again and finally embracing our voluptuous bodies by forming #DuoGinuk 😀

Here’s our Bizarre Looking Family where I’m the only normal person exist. Pfft.

You know how they say that having a trip together lets us know our travel-buddy better? I strongly believe that. That’s why I put ‘having trips together’ as a requirement for a guy sending code of wanting to get to another level.

*or basically it’s just my excuse to travel more* 😛

Anyway, back to my ultimate travelmate, Kakatete.


What I like about traveling with her is that she’s pretty much up for any kind of unexpected part of me. I am a happy-go-lucky kinda girl, yes. But I’m also a pure Gemini. At some times in my life, I might just travel and then be quiet for most of the time. It’s not that I don’t like the trip or my travel-buddy, it’s just that that time I want to be quiet for a while. I’m weird like that.

And people who can handle my weirdness, are my gems! 😛

Also, traveling with Kakatete is easy.

We go together. If at any day we want to go separate ways, we go separate ways. No biggie. She’s not the clingy type, and I’m good with people who are not clingy. Aha!

Another thing, me and her are the kind of people who can laugh on so many stupid slapstick simple moments. We like to do silly things and laugh at ourselves. Going on a trip with her feels so much fun-ner!

Ah.. Those times when we were young.. 😛

We’re also an easy-going squad. We don’t rush to go to places but if we really want to visit a place early in the morning, we wake up and get ready, just like that. With no morning drama of who-need-to-wake-up-first-and-take-a-shower (cus she always take that privilege while I’m still zzzzz… 😛 )

Oh and have I told you she’s such a great accountant?


And of course as a good friend, I make use of her skill. 😛

On every trip, we pool the same amount of money. She’s holding it and pays for everything during the trip. If the money has run out before the trip ends, we pool another same amount of money again. Usually, a week after the trip, she’ll send me an email of the expense details. Hahaha. She’s awesome like that!

No, this was not taken in Nami Island – South Korea. IKR! Like, who would’ve thought! 😛

Other thing that might not important for some people but kind of important for me is that we’re on the same page when thinking and speaking about money. We say if we don’t have enough money, we talk if we need to use other’s credit card, we count, we pay, we take money as it is. We don’t hold a grudge. Especially about money.

We hold a grudge for an uncertain future in our love lifes. Like, God, what happen?? Why is it vague? -____-

We share many funny moments together. We talk about everything! From lipstick to people (we do ghibah, yes) to places to government policy to latest trend of sex pose to terrorism.

How come my skin color looks uberawesome here?

She’s funny.

In her own way.

Like really, a girl who is scared being close to a pregnant lady is what?

Funny! 😀

Oh, and she is easy to be tricked too sometimes! *well, most of the times*

Two days ago, I decided to bug her while she was in a cinema. Asking her to mention all of the trips we’ve done together. It was nothing important, actually. I did ask just because I was lazy to open my photo album and counted, so, better asked her. 😛

She came out with a list of ten places we’ve gone to and I laughed so hard.

Why? – she asked.

That’s a long list! – I responded.

I, myself, feel like we’re so close although we’ve been only on ten trips together. – said she.

Well, that’s true. I laughed cus I just wanted to bug you. I didn’t expect you would make a full list! That’s so thoughtful of you! Hahaha.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, my #UltimateTravelmate : KAKATETE!


Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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  1. lha wong liat mukanya kakatete aja udah bikin geli, apalagi halan-halan bareng sama dia, pasti adaaa aja yang bikin ketawa.
    princess beruntung ya nemu mbok mban kakatete ini, urusan angkat-angkat koper jadi nggak repot lagi pasti hahaha.
    BTW, aku nggak dikasi backlink bik? yampun, cedik
    *nangis di pojokan*

  2. Kak Buy, judulnya typo tuh: Katatete 😉 #editormodeon
    Dari cerita ini sih ketahuan yang suka iseng siapa ya, kasian kakatete selalu jadi budak kejahilan, hahaha 😀

    1. Kenapa typooo? Harusnya kakatetek? Ahahahaha.
      Kalau sama Kakatete si iya aku yang jahil, soalnya sama yang lain agak kurang bisa jahil. Cuma sama dia doang aku yang kalem ini berani.

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