9 Days in Japan

So, a new blogpost is here! Who’s clappin? Hihi..

Many have requested me to write about the nine days in Japan trip that me and BuJendral (my mom that is) did two weeks ago. Most of the request asked me to list down the itinerary, and it’s so doable, so here is the post about nine days in Japan. 😀

Day 1: We arrived in Osaka in the morning but we took some times to just chill and had breakfast before heading to the city. We arrived at the hotel a bit late, at around 12pm. Checked in and took some rest and then we hit the road again, took the JR train to Kyoto. Upon arrival in Kyoto, we queued for bus #28 to Arashiyama. It took almost an hour to reach the park at Arashiyama. We played around the park while adoring the sakura blooming and taking endless photos. Then we walked towards Arashiyama Bamboo Groves but then we’re too tired to reach it so we stopped at Arashiyama Station to rest and decided to go back using the same numbered bus to Kyoto Station and back to Osaka. 😛

I loooveee the bicycles in Japan. Especially the ‘mother’ bike. It looks immaculately awesome I somehow want to have kids just by looking at it.

You gotta see my mom’s eyes when she saw this. It was like <3 <3

She said, “No, I’m not tired..’, looking at all the sakura. Then she became tired looking at the staircases at the station. LOL.

Day 2: We went to Kyoto again. Upon arriving in Kyoto, we crossed the street in front of the station and went to Kyoto Tower. It was drizzling at that time so we didn’t get a super clear view of the city. After Kyoto Tower, we took the subway and bus to visit Kinkakuji Temple and Ginkakuji Temple. We passed the beautiful Philosopher’s Path on our way to the second temple. And then we’re off to Kiyomizudera and finished off by enjoying 500 yen orange at Gion Matsuri. Hahaha. Expensive wey! Back to Kyoto Station, we stopped by a supercool standing-resto which served great udon at Kyoto Station, bought some bread, and then took the train back to Osaka.

Just want to let you know, the binocular at Kyoto Tower doesn’t ask for money. Unlike the one in …… blah.

Kinkakuji under the rain..

Please don’t mind my hair, I needed to run on a 10sec timer and stopped all visitors to get this pic. Mom was all pose and happy, tho. Hihi.

Day 3: Was a bright day! We went around Osaka this time. Started the day by visiting Shitennoji Temple which turned out was on renovation. Hihi. But the cemetery at the complex looks awesome so it wasn’t a total lost. Then we decided to visit Osaka Castle and then to a mall across the property to enjoy an amazing fresh sushi in a box. Totally forgot the name of the mall but just looked out for a mall with a dog playground inside (YES, DOG PLAYGROUND! HEAVEN!!) and you shall find it. I guess it was Q Mall or something with a Q. The sushi at the mall was so good and there was a juice counter where me and mom couldn’t walk out of the place without holding one with the most uncommon juice color. Hihihi. This day, we also managed to drag our suitcases and move to the second hotel.

Look at the sky!! Oh… LAFF!

How about sunbathing turtles in a pic? :))

The plane was not inserted via Photoshop. Pinky promise! #lookup

Day 4: Started the day by visiting Umeda Sky Garden Observatory (which has no ‘garden’ btw) and saw Osaka’s view from the top. We spent quite a long time in here. After feeling enough, we left for Amerikamura – which is not ‘mura’ at all, if you know what I mean ;D and then off to the mall in front of Osaka Castle to buy food and walked to Osaka Castle’s Park to do … what else? HANAMI! 😀 It was a total chill day. LOVE!

I guess the possibility of my hair looks nice on a photo is almost zero.

Osaka from the top!

Day 5: I marked today as our ‘chilling day’ cus we haven’t stopped moving since the first day we arrived. I thought mom would feel tired, but turned out, no baby, mom wanted to move! Hahaha. Mom thought why not going to Kyoto (again) and visited Arashiyama Bamboo Grove? Why not, I thought, so off we went to Kyoto again. We bought a return ticket at the station and then took another train from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama-Saga Station. After that, we went to the Fox Temple – Fushimi Inari Taisha, taking subway from Kyoto Station to Inari Station. Finished at the Fushimi Inari, we went back to Kyoto Station and enjoyed another round of udon at the standing-resto. Haha!

It’s good to meet great Indonesan family on your trip abroad. Hello Muthia, Eyang Uti, and Mbak Galuh – whom we met at the train. Hehe.

You wonder how can we get a clear shot of the Senbon Torii? Wel, I just don’t want to tell you how many bodyguards we brought that day.

Because Takoyaki was too mainstream. No, kidding. We ate six balls of Takoyaki, one roasted chicken on skewer, a skewer of mochi, and this rice cracker.

Day 6: We moved to Tokyo! At 6am, our taxi had already arrived and ready to take us to Umeda Willer Bus Station. Yes, we were taking Willer Bus to go to Tokyo.  It was a 7 hours journey but a good comfortable one. Upon arrival, we went to our hotel near Akasaka Mitsuke Station. We did take some times to rest and enjoying the busy Shibuya Junction we passed en-route. Arriving at the hotel, we enjoyed the number one fave feature of the hotel: ONSEN! Hahaha. The Onsen at our hotel was a special one cus they have two pools; plain hot water and carbonated water one. Let me know in the comment box if you want me to make a post on the three hotels we stayed in during our nine days in Japan. That night, we just went around the neighborhood and visited a 100-yen store near our hotel. Not to mention: a take-away food from 7-eleven. Hihihi.

Our Michael Kors Fans Taxi. <3

The very comfortable Willer Bus – believe me, I’m no roadtrip-fan and I say this bus is comfortable, so it is.

You’ll see many things on your Willer Trip, including a stopover at this toilet. It was so clean I believe even germs are afraid to get in.

Day 7: First stop, early in the morning: TSUKIJI Fish Market!! This market is due to close somewhere in 2016 and I’m so happy I got the chance to visit it before it’s just being a part of history. Me and mom enjoyed every tiny bit of this place! This is actually a place where I let mom eats everything. HAHAHA. Finished off our visit to the fish market, we moved to Akihabara cus I wanted to check on camera. I didn’t get the camera yet we managed to buy all those small cars my friends (and my brother) are crazy about – Takara Tomy! After Akihabara, we went to Nakamise Shopping Street to buy some souvenirs (for mom’s friends – and they are many, just for the record. Hihi). On our way back, we went to Tokyo Station to buy ticket for tomorrow’s trip to Kawaguchiko.

Mamang… <3

Eneng.. <3 <3

Emak.. <3 <3 <3

Day 8: We went to Kawaguchiko for the whole day! It was a funny yet overwhelming (in a good way) trip. Twas raining since morning and stormy when we arrived in Kawaguchiko Station. We only had one umbrella and we needed to walk to the Kachi Kachi Yama Ropeway; so we walked, to what seems only 15min on a sunny daylight, we beat in around 30min in between stormy rain, one umbrella, and my butterfly shoes. HAHAHAHA. We hugged each other on our way to the ropeway station. People might think we’re romantic, they just didn’t know how freakin cold it was. Freezin cold water got to my wrong-day-to-wear butterfly shoes and because I wore tights, the cold water went up slowly till half my calves. LOL! What’s amazing was that we could laughed on our misfortune. We laughed and hugged and laughed and hugged and did some silly movements, galloping to one puddle to the next to just splash the water. Hihihi. Twas a great day!

Freezin cold Kawaguchiko..

Remember, whatever the situation, make sure your eyebrows are on point! #LifeTips

Day 9 (EXTRA): Our last ‘unprepared’ day. I misread the ticket. Just for the record, I hate it when airlines put 11.45 followed by a super small ‘pm’.  I mean, DUDE, when you want to use the AM/PM system, at least make the PM bigger so I don’t misread!

Just kidding, it was totally my fault.

I thought we’d go back at 11.45 (as in AM) so I didn’t make any plan for the day. Turned out it was 23.45 (11.45PM)! BOO, BULAN BOO! Hehehe. We got an extra day but we needed to check out at 10AM, so we stored our suitcases at the hotel and then off we went to Shinjuku-Gyoen! It was a bright sunny day and we got a chance of doing another hanami. Mom looked happy, and I can’t be happier looking at her being happy. We had lunch at an Indian Restaurant near the park and after some times, we headed to – what else – Nakamise Shopping Street (AGAIN)! Hahaha. This time, we walked till the far back of the street (where I spotted Reebok High Sneakers on SALE yet I didn’t buy it – and keep thinking about it till now) and mom spotted many shoe stores carrying casual boots for only 1000yen! – and we didn’t  buy them also. Next time, Nakamise, next time…

And then we went back to the hotel to pick up our suitcases and walked cheerfully to the station to take the train to Haneda International Airport. The trip has ended. 🙂

Shinjuku Gyoen was like the icing on the cake for our trip!

It was a great trip. I was wrong, I underestimated Japan before. I thought it was just an urban city full of technology. But no, Japan has more than that. Japan has more than a toilet with buttons on its side and a music to accompany your session. It is  more than a blooming Sakura and a confusing ticket-pass. It is a country full of heart. The hospitality of its people are priceless, we couldn’t ask for a better experience. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. Hanami and seeing the Sakura was mom’s dream, we made it happen, and seeing how her eyes lit with amazement will linger on my memory till forever.

Nihon ha, omotenashi wo arigatou gozaimashita. Nihon ha watashi no kokoro wo ugokashimashita. Chikaishourai mou ichido nihon ni asobi ni kuru koto wo tanoshimini shiteimasu. << No, I don’t know Japanese, I asked my lovely friend, Gaby, for translation. Kindly search after her if the translation shows some vulgar words. Hihi.

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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  1. Puput

    Akhirnya dia nulis lagi! Seperti biasa, tulisannya selalu fresh, seru, dan menyentuh. Membawa aku sbg pembaca ikut terbawa di dalamnya. Pluus fotonya bagus-baguus. Super laff! Terus nulis ya. #jangankasihkendor #semangatmbakbulan

  2. *tepuk tangan di atas kepala* *jingkrak-jingkrak*
    Aku suka foto langit dan sungai itu, kak Bul. Sungainya jernih, langitnya biru dengan rona jingga yg samar, terus gedung pencakar langit itu jadi latar foto yang kontras!
    Untung ngira jam 23:45 pagi ya. Kalau harusnya jam 11:45 AM tapi kamu malah pulang jam 11:45, itu baru nyesek. Hahaha

  3. Oh jadi foto mamang itu semacam tanda di blognya kak bulan ini ya 😀
    Foto2nya ciamik bener (lalu aku tercekat di foto makanan), astagfirullah masih pagi, buka puasa masih lama.

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