A Night at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim

I said yes directly when a friend offered me a weekend stay at Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim. A weekend getaway was exactly what I needed!

Photo is (un)shamelessly taken from Kadek’s FB account 😛

Holiday Inn Express opens its fourth and newest hotel in Jakarta. Being serious in giving the best experience for their guests; the location, I think, is their most promising asset. Lies in Jalan Wahid Hasyim, guest can enjoy walking to get to downtown and enjoy what this city has to offer. Jalan Thamrin is just a mere 5 minutes walk! Sarinah is just another 2 minutes crossing the road via the cross-bridge. Jalan Sabang, with its 24 hour food fiesta, is just in another corner.  Not to mention a short distance to get to Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and only around 15 minutes walk to Pasar Pagi Tanah Abang. Need to go a bit further? Ask for a taxi via the reception or better yet, enjoy taking TransJakarta! Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim is super close to Sarinah TransJakarta Shelter. How amazing is that!

The hotel itself is more than lovely. Except the none existing swimming pool, I think Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim has exceeded my expectation of a 3+ star hotel with its grandeur lobby (check on the 3D wallpaper to your right when you do the check in!), a valet service for my car – Opie, a dining area, a lounge, a fitness room, a laundry room, and a compact meeting facility.

I like it that they have a Fitness Room Facility! And that Coin Laundry Machine reminds me of the old days. 😛

I got a twin room on the third floor. When I got inside, I fell in love instantly with the …. carpet! Hahaha.

The carpet is so soft and thick and got a vibrant color of blue and green and white! So soft that me and Kakatete – yes, it was a #DuoGinuk’s trip – couldn’t contain ourselves and sat there while having our lunch delivered by Gojek Indonesia! Haha.

And the wall decor matches the carpet! <3

As someone who often stays in a ho(s)tel, the first thing I need to find out about a hotel room is the condition of the bathroom – second thing is what sort of mattress they carry (I know, weird, it’s just a(n ex-) hotelier thing, I guess :P). I don’t really care if the bathroom is small, but if it doesn’t smell and it gives the aura of freshness, I like it right away. And this is what Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim gave me.

The kind of mirror and lamp set that makes you look ALWAYS good in front of them. Hahaha.

Hollywood Circle Hidden Lamp? YES PLEASE!

Other worth-mentioning feature of the hotel is the pillow.

Wait, pillow, Bee?

YES! Pillow! Cus Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim is the first hotel I know, who offers two different kinds of pillows in their room. One is firm and the other is soft. That night, I slept with the firm. (*_^)

Hello, Sleeping Partner(s).. 😛

Mattress? They use Simmons! No more question. 😀

Bedding? I guess the standard 250 thread linen, but let’s face it, who would want to count the thread anyway. 😛 One small matter for me, is their bedding did not only look new, it felt new as well. It wasn’t as soft as the usual hotel bedding. Cus what? Cus it’s still new! It felt rather stiff. Cus what? Cus it’s still new! Even when we move the blanket, it produced like a plastic sound underneath. Cus what? Cus it’s still new! :))))) I guess they need to pour a bottle of softener for each of the blanket to ease the stiffness away. Cus what?

I’m not going to continue.



Sorry, can’t help it. 😛

Other goodness of Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim is their fast reliable wifi connection. And when I say reliable, I meant RELIABLE. I made a Skype call and it lasted for more than an hour without even a single glitch. Thanks Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim! :*

Last but not least, their breakfast. It was a standard hotel breakfast. I took fruits first for the sake of a healthy girl image, then continue with the fried rice. The fried rice, was surprisingly tasty! Was about to take more but I was shy. Hihihi.

How cute are those balloon-shaped-animal like decor!

With their strategic location, great feature, and lavish room, Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim is a very good option for visitors who want to enjoy Jakarta on weekend or for Jakartans who need a weekend escapade.

Mention my name three times when you do the check-in.

Believe me.

Nothing will happen.


Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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18 Responses
  1. heywabbit

    Ih sadis, Bulan travel blogger banget anaknya! *rusuhin terusss*
    Seru juga ada coin laundry machine ya kalo butuh nyuci baju bisa nyuci sendiri 😀 *CUS IT’S STILL NEW!!*

    1. Tash!! Hahaha. Gw rusuhin balik blog loe yeeeee. Sekalian rusuhin kalo ketemu! Pokoknya kita harus ketemuan!! Hihihi.
      Iya, keberadaan coin laundry machine itu menyenangkan banget, khususnya kalau nginepnya berhari-hari. Apalagi kalau nginep sama anak2 yang sehari bisa ganti baju 4-5kali. Hihihi.

      1. heywabbit

        uh, Bulan dendaman anaknya 🙁
        Iya banget, selama ini kalo nginep mana mana selalu bocah yang bawaannya buanyak. Bantal yang empuknya pas juga krusial tuh 😀

        1. Nah pas!! Di Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim (Gosh, napa sik nama panjang bener?!) ada dua pilihan bantal. Pas lah Kara yang soft, kamu yang firm. Emang yang seumuran kita cocoknya tidur sama yang firm-firm ya, Tash.

  2. Bener2 sama ya mata kamu sama suami aku. Ngeliatnya merk kasur. Bahahahaha.. nice review kak bul. Tapi aku suka kasur keras. Cuco buat pertulangan. Cus what? Cus it’s new! Cuussssss! :))

      1. tingkat tinggi apanyah? tensinya? hahaha
        btw bsk minggu jam 9-10 an jadi aku samperin ke hyatt ya insyaallah, sama dedek & istri.
        kalau kamarmu ada bathtube & air hangat, mau cemplungin sikecil pake pelampung ya hehe
        *la kok malah jadi janjian disini sih?*

          1. kalian kalau mau renang, renang aja dulu gpp. kan baru 5 bulan, belum pernah coba air dingin sih. atau kalau siangan, air kolam jadi rada anget karena sinar matahari bisa kali ya. bsk liat sikon deh hoho

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