Get Rid of Your Toxic Friends!

Have you ever had a friend (or friends) who continuously say negative things about every thing?
Like they don’t even have few positive comments in their vocabulary?
I do.
*oh and then I realize, why would I befriend them anyway? Hahaha*
I chose to become a teacher, she said “Why would you be one? You barely earn from doing it!”
I was hurt. but I only smiled in return. The extrovert woman you know, is actually an introvert one. That’s me. I refuse to involve in any friction in which I think, for every opinion that I state will blow up in ash. Vain. So, smiling is one valid response to that matter. She, who said that, is now working in a magazine. Hardly climb up to fulfil her expectation in her career. 🙂 Lord is not sleeping.
I gave up teaching and chose to take my business as my first priority as well as fully spending my saving on travelling. She said, “Oh how live like you is easy. Came from a rich family, yea, nothing much to complaint. You enjoy your travel while I struggle here to make ends meet. Life’s never been fair, eh?”. I was silent, and then gave you my smile. Thank you for letting me know how amazing my life was. And sorry if that seems bothering you that much. I struggled my way here and, luckily, I didn’t have to tell you that. I love what I was doing and now I get to take the fruits. 🙂
I got many presents in many occasions from my dear friends and family, I was happy receiving from a key chain to a notebook; from a watch to an IPod, she said, “You got enough of many things. You won’t use them anyway. Such a waste. Besides, getting them now as a present will only make you want more expensive things for another occasion’s present.”. I was furious actually, but I managed to smile at you. Do you envy me? I’ve let you know bits of  my life and you still envy me?
I got in the big 60s of a competition, I shared my happiness with you, hoping you can feel the hip hip hurray feeling too. And maybe showing some support to me. Never in my mind, you’ll take it differently. You’ve mocked me good, dear friend, in front of everybody. And I think, that was it, the last harassment I got from you. And that was enough. I started to move away from you, from our relationship. I want to have friends who are happy when I’m happy and show me some support on every decision I made, on every thing I do. And that’s not you.
I now in the time of losing such person. My life is just too precious to be spent with people who constantly searching and pointing out my wrong or my misbehave (according to their set of standards). I will continue communicate with you, I don’t mind, this post is just a gentle reminder for me, to be aware, to be concern, that not every people who consider themselves as friends are good and accept me thoroughly. 🙂
Thank you for letting me know that. 🙂
Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂
PS: And I believe, after this post is published, there’ll be someone out there who said “Bulan, not that I want to insult you, but your English apparently is not that good, I want to help you translate your post to be a proper one but I’m busy. You better write in Bahasa. I know your capability.” — and that’s you.. BOO!!

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