Jakarta in 24 hours!

I am Bulan, 30 years old, a Jakartan.

Born and lived in Jakarta, I am proud to say that I am proud of this city. Jakarta is not only a governmental city, where most of the paperwork is signed and sealed, deal is made, money is earned. It is also not only a metropolitan city where you can chase the night, enjoy the twinkling of the light, wasted till the moon saying goodnight. It is much more to that.

To some people, Jakarta is a scene of clubs and play arena. To others, it’s a scene of hardwork, sweat, and tears.

Jakarta is rich of culture – a mix of sugar and salt, soy sauce and sambal, coconut milk and bay leaf, and chicken, or lamb, and I become really hungry now so let’s end this opening here and start eating with the post. Here’s a little suggestion on how to enjoy Jakarta in 24 hours! 😀

  • Inhale the tropical (sunny) air

As soon as you head out from the airport, raise your chin and inhale the air. You might inhale smoke from the irresponsible smoker there while you’re doing it but then, smile. It might not be something you can smell daily back in your country – not that I suggest you to. Take it as your first encounter with how some of the Jakartan spend their time: smoking. A new experience, no matter how bad it is, must enrich your life-story, I believe 😀 Welcome to Jakarta.

  • Enjoy a Bluebird ride

There are tons of taxi providers in Jakarta, but take this suggestion seriously: get a Bluebird taxi. It might have a long queue to get, but taking it is so much safer than taking the illegal one, for sure. Tell the driver where you want to go or show him the writing of the place’s name. If he asks which way would you like to go, answer “I’ll go wherever you will go” :’)

PS: Wanna be more advance as a Jakarta? Tweet your Bluebird ID number! Yeah! So Jakartan! 😀

Pic credit: Dewald Haynes, check out his Bule in a Bajaj blog!
  • Check out the mall

Jakarta is a city of malls. I’m not proud of it but whatever, it has become one with the city. Checking one out is a must! Go to Central Park in West Jakarta or Plaza Senayan in south, Mall Kelapa Gading in north, or Grand Indonesia in Central Jakarta.

  • Lunch at Dapur Babah – Jalan Veteran

This is truly not a sponsored post but Dapur Babah has been my fave resto since forever and everytime I bring people there, they must be in awe with the resto so it HAS to be in the post! 😛 Dapur Babah has a Chinese-Indonesian inspired decor with Dutch-Indonesian inspired food. Not only that you will be amazed by the ambiance, but your tummy will be spoiled with how tasty the food is. Try the Oxtongue Soup, or if it’s too much to handle for you, check on their Nasi Tjampoer Babah.

Pic taken from here.
  • Shop at Pasar Tanah Abang or ITC Mangga Dua

There’s a saying ‘you gotta see it to believe it’, and I think it matches these two places perfectly. In Mangga Dua, you can find all the cheap products from undergarments, clothes, baby products, room decorations to electronics like TV, smartphones, DVD player, to … yes of course: FOOD! 😀

In Tanah Abang, you’ll find clothes, carpets, mattress, and other knickknacks. I can’t tell so much about these places. You gotta see it to believe it! Be careful you might lost track of time while you’re here.

  • Take Gojek to beat the traffic

I don’t have to remind you of what this city is famous for. Yes, the jam! Sadly, not the one in the jar. Our traffic jam is amazing it creates emotional breakdown till the point you scream WHYYYY GOOODD WHYYYY inside the car. Not to mention, your car is just ten centimeters away from another car on your right, left, front, and back. You’re stuck. And there’s nothing you can do beside holding so bad to the urge to go peepee. So take my advice, take Gojek! Check what and how Gojek actually works in my post here. Being on a motorcycle, it shortens your time to get into places around Jakarta. Less stress. Unless if you’re afraid with how the driver drive. 😛

Tips1: Hold onto the side rail of the motorcycle and chant ‘Al iz vel. Al iz vel’ during the trip.

Tips2: Take selfie with the famous green helmet if you can. Underline: if you can.

Tips3: Enjoy the ride! 😀

Pic is taken from here.
  • Bayfront or rooftop dinner

It’s your call! If you’re someone who likes to wind down and enjoy the breeze, then head to Bandar Djakarta in Ancol to have dinner. Pick your own seafood and let them cook for you. Ask for a bayfront seating or enjoy a more private dinner in one of the hut.

If you’re someone who likes to see the night skyline, enjoy a rooftop dinner at Skye at Menara BCA or BART at Artotel Hotel. Amazing night view from these two rooftop bars. There’s another one, Awan at Kosenda Hotel, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t suggest it. 😀

So that’s my suggestion for Jakarta in 24 hours. Enjoy the richness of the city. Soak in the diversities.

Enjoy Jakarta.

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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  1. Kalo ngerekomendasiin Gojek, kenapa nggak rekomendasiin Uber juga instead of Blue Bird? Lebih murah looh *komen ini nggak dibayar Uber, suer deh :p*

  2. Jakarta in 24 hours?try to spend you time in Ubernest,,
    The host is so warm and welcoming. u can take a shower too (towel provided), the host will ask you for dinner and she suggest u to use a saroeng HAHAHAHHAHA

      On another note, your presence has made the host lost one chance of love, be more considerate next time when a guy lookin at your host, go farther away!!

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