Nepal SIM Card, 25 Minutes for a Status

Before working professionally in a company, I rarely buy any local SIM card and get connected to the internet while I’m traveling. Traveling means me getting lost in time and enjoying my journey without any business call or text. Not that I think it’s disturbing; it really is not. Really. Really. Really. Do you believe me? 😛

Now that I’m a (cute) office monkey, even before I got to Nepal, I knew I have to buy local SIM Card and work for some times. I told this to the Frogs and turned out, they also want to buy Nepal local SIM card. Chocky bought because he needs to be online in case his twenty thousand seven hundred seventy two subordinates are having any emergency and need to call him. Panji needs to be online because his four hundred seventy six Path friends need to be updated on his whereabout. Angga needs to easily be contacted just in case his one and only bibik (nanny) misses him. We each have our own valid important reason, so off we went to a small shop at the side of a busy street in Golpakha, Thamel area to buy Nepal local SIM card. 😀

thamel kathmandu
Panji, who was almost got hit by a car when he tried to photograph us buying the SIM card. LOL.

A middle-aged uncle helped us. He showed us the internet mobile data package rate and asked for our passport to make a copy of the first and last page. After picking which mobile data package we want to have, he then asked for our photo. HAH? Photo? Like our selfi …… oh, no, our passport photo. Okay. FINALLY my RM18 passport photo has come to a use!! LOL.

Not just passport copy and photo, we also need to fill in the form and finger stamped it! If you want to be eccentric, I don’t think they mind if you want to lip stamped the form. I would not suggest you to do so though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The uncle then pinned the form along with the passport copy and the photo. All done?


He then gave us the card and when we still couldn’t connect to the internet despite the Nepal local SIM card being inserted, he gave this book. WHOAAAA!! Manual setting!!

manual setting nepal local sim card
Woohoo…*suddenly felt seven birds flying above my head*

After setting the network setting manually, I reboot my phone and tadaaaa…. connected!

It took us around 25 minutes to have the Nepal local SIM card ready. Funny thing is: when we had to pay for the SIM card, Chocky spots a very good lesson to be learned.

– Nepal SIM Card: Rs250

– 500MB internet package: Rs500

– Passport copy: Rs10

That Nepal local SIM card Rs250 is fine. That internet package is also fine. That passport copy seems fine until Chocky counted it in rupiah. Rs10 equals to approximately Rp1500. WHAT?? Rp1500 for only two pages of Xerox? $^()*^%##&))_**!!

Lesson Learned:

If you’re from Indonesia where it’s cheaper to Xerox your passport, bring your own passport copy when you want to buy local SIM card. Especially in Nepal.


Thank God after we underwent that 25 minutes process, the connection was awesome. It’s amazing considering Ncell is the only one local SIM card available. 🙂 And after that 25 minutes, what kind of connection we made for the first time?

Me checking WhatsApp and Instagram.

Chocky was checking WhatsApp only, I guess.

Panji and Angga: Checking Facebook, Path, Twitter, Instagram. Then they made a content plan to know who will post what status in which social media platform. Hahahahaha.

How amazing is that! I think I should hire them as my assistant!! LOL!

What about you? What’s the first thing you check when you can go online, Uberfriends?

Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

I’m truly saddened by the earthquake that shook Nepal on April 25, 2015. I hope Nepal will recover soon and remain strong and even stronger than ever. Nepal has got my heart more than any other country I’ve visited before. Stay strong Nepal. #PrayForNepal

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  1. Panji Arafat

    NCell aylopyupul…..akoohh bisa eksis dan live report dari setiap kejadian/tempat yang gw datengi terus aplot *sumpah alay

    Aku sih sebenarnya beli sim card buat yah buat nambah pengahsilan si bapak yg jual simcardnya,,hahhaha

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