Station Cafe and Lounge Cirebon

I super rarely write a post solely on restaurant or cafe. But this place is remarkable, I can’t help!

It’s Station. A cafe and lounge in Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia.

I'm not kidding when I say Cirebon has nine suns. :D
I’m not kidding when I say Cirebon has nine suns. 😀

We (me and Kakatete of #DuoGinuk ) stumbled upon this place on our first night in Cirebon. Arriving late at night, we really needed to go out to have some food as our tummy had produced some kind of choir inside. As we walked our way to find Kartini Street (which is said to be a ‘foodie street’) we passed a huge modern building with bright lamps inside. Eager to have local food in a humble-stall, we totally said goodbye to that inviting ray of lights that night.

The next day, after going around the city by foot with nine suns above us, I proposed an idea of having massage or reflexology. That trip was a free and easy trip and we were both really tired – physically and emotionally, so why not pamper these voluptuous body of us with a massage? Two options available; one is reflexology in Kokuo which is super close to our hotel and the other one is a spa at the outskirt of Cirebon. Transportation and budget-wise, we definitely agreed to Kokuo. Kokuo is located in the same building as that bright lamps one who had tickled our senses in the first night. We have to pass the main alley of the cafe to get there. No biggie, I thought, we were full already anyway. I couldn’t even finish the amazing Padang Sauce Crab from dinner. Not gonna be tempted!

As we stepped on the porch, the waiter turned the huge rotating black steel frame glass door to let us in, welcoming with a nice smile. A big bright space was in front of us. The temperature was cold inside but the feeling was warm. Its wood-flooring, wooden furniture, rough finished wall, pipe-lamps, wooden tall space-divider which also serves as rack, and wooden-steel benches and chairs made me feel like I was in a barn. One idea came in mind: that place is uber-awesome for a barn wedding! Hahaha.

<3 That wooden door at the right leads to their VIP Room

In my awe, I said to Kakatete, “We’re not gonna have another round of dinner here, aren’t we?”

She nodded silently.

Walking to Kokuo, the smell of newly cooked pasta filled the air and teased us. I got a lil doubt but kept walking. Kokuo is at the far back side of Station. We got in, appointed an hour reflexology and flew to heaven on earth. When we finished, we needed to pass the same big alley to get out. I opened Kokuo’s glass door with a determination: NO, I’M NOT GONNA HAVE ANOTHER DINNER HERE!

“B, let’s just hang out here for a while.” – said Kakatete with a plain face.

“Okay.” – I replied vaguely.

So there we were, two silly girls who definitely failed the temptation. LOL.

I ordered (just a) fresh Caesar Salad and a mix juice while Kakatete ordered yummy baked potato wedges with mozzarela and strawberry frappe. We had a night! Finishing the (extra) dinner super slow while chatting about many things.

I know.. Tempting, aite!
I know.. Tempting, aite!

Thing is, since we got to Cirebon, we barely had time to really talk about anything like we used to do in every #DuoGinuk trip. We were just too tired. But at Station, we definitely talked! Me likey.

We love that place so much that we came again the next day to spend time waiting for our train schedule. The waiter is kind and the service is great. Not to mention the food is yummo. I had a penne mushroom (oh superyum!) while Kakatete had thin crust pizza. We talked, giggled, laughed, and put my holy grail lip cream on so we have same color lips going back to Jakarta. Hahaha.

Pic taken from my Instagram. Kindly follow: Ubermoon. :D
Pic taken from my Instagram. Kindly follow: Ubermoon. 😀
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague.. <3
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague.. <3

Although Cirebon turned out to be a city we never want to go back in, but Station has at least left a good mark for it. That’s why it deserves one whole post. 😀

Smile! 🙂

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