Three Accommodations Around Ora Beach

Where to stay when you do Ora Beach trip?

When you’re about to opt for an accommodation for your Ora Beach trip, most likely, you will be offered these three options of accommodation. I was confused with them at first, cus they all look the same to me. Hihi. With my (obviously) blunt consideration, I ‘helped’ The Frogs to decide that we’re goin to stay in Roneela Cottage.

Simple reason: that’s the only accommodation equipped with air conditioning. Nuff said. *flipping hair* 😛

To avoid any confusion, here I help you guys to decide where to stay when you do Ora Beach trip based on each accommodation’s characteristic below.

Ora Beach Resort
The Famous Scene. <3

This is the star of the trip, also the first stop right from Saleman Village. When you see a picture with 8 villas on clear blue water and cliffs soaring at the back of it (like the pic above), most likely, it’s Ora Beach Resort. Many say it’s a little Maldives and as someone who hasn’t been to Maldives, of course I say …..

I don’t know – to that.


Goodness about Ora Beach lies on its location and its soft corals beneath their own beach. There is also a designated dining villa and a pier as well as canoe to be used freely around the area.

The underwater world at Ora Beach

When you stay in this accommodation, you can use most of its great facilities at all times. From chilling out at the pier to snorkeling to canoe-ing and even feeding fish from your own balcony (a friend said the fish is big and awesome there). Take endless amount of pictures cus it’s indeed a picturesque place.

For you who like live music, though, Ora Beach Resort is not the place for you. It is lack of entertainment system. No karaoke although karaoke is local’s most enjoyed leisure activity. And for you who is a princess like me, air conditioning is not available in Ora Beach Resort. 😀

Hot Weather

Photo taken from here.

By location, I guess Kakatua Resort is closer to Saleman Village than Ora Beach Resort. But because the first stop (and star of the trip) is Ora Beach, everyone joining the trip must come to Ora Beach first before the boat transfer back to Kakatua Resort. There are only two villas available at Kakatua Resort, both on water. Dining area is available on land so you have to walk for some times to eat. Karaoke is available, also on land, near the dining area.

Our friends who stayed there said that it is so quiet at night. So quiet you can hear your mind’s voice. 😛 Exaggerating. But with only two villas in the middle of the water – aside a massive bay, I so can imagine the silence. 😀

Wind Blow

Kakatua Resort can be reached in eight to ten minutes only from Ora Beach (by boat, of course) and the location is walking distance to Air Belanda site.

We came at the wrong time, the sky wasn’t blue at all. 🙁

Either it’s Roneela or Ronella, I don’t know. Kakaban Trip (an amazing trip organizer I signed for my Ora Trip – as well as my Derawan Trip) put Ronella on its website but the cottage put RoneelaCottage as their Instagram account. Haha. Whichever name they behold, I’m happy with our my decision of staying at this cottage.

Yes, it is not as good-looking as Ora Beach Resort with the natural looking wood, Roneela looks rather too modern with its perfectly terracotta and blue painted wall and roof. But it’s quite heavenly.

From my cottage’s balcony. <3

It’s a bit far from Ora Beach Resort. A fifteen minutes boat ride will take you to Rumah Olat Village where Roneela Cottage lies. The area is quiet, especially at night. But worry not, you have karaoke entertainment at the dining area – connected via platform to the cottages. You can sing up till midnight! (Or maybe up till dawn, whatever, I guess none will complain considering how far it is from the civilization. LOL – this applied only if you are the only guest in the cottage – like us!) We spent hours singing song in local language, then change to Bon Jovi, then change to Girls Generation, then Protonema, and finally Westlife and Backstreet Boys.

I want it that way ~


Sorry, I just can’t help but adding the stickers. :))))) I love my Frogs!

Staying at Roneela, you can use their swing all the time. Not the usual swing, it’s a swing by the sea!! If you decided to jump, you directly plunge yourself to the salt water below. Awesome, aye! Here’s a picture of Chocky – being himself – looking so stiff and no fun riding the swing. -____-

Do you think he’s alive? He’s pretty stiff for an alive human being. Uh-oh.

There is also a banana boat to rent, but as a jetsetter, of course we didn’t ride it. It’s just too mainstream. 😛

If you ask me, which one from the three shall I recommend, I must say it’s either Ora Beach Resort or Roneela Cottage. I don’t recommend Kakatua Resort simply because I think it’s too secluded and too quiet. But if you like secluded and quiet (honeymooners?), please do book for Kakatua Resort. Even better, book the whole two villas for you and you can scream or change bed every day – if you know what I mean. 😉

Winking Eye

If you’re joining trip to Ora by Kakaban Trip, the amount you pay is already include meals. ALL MEALS! Even the host at Roneela kindly wrapped us fried banana and fried cassava along with our lunch when we’re about to go snorkeling in the morning.

Okay, no, WE wrapped the fried banana and fried cassava because we know our stomach can hold being unfed for ten minutes only. 😀 – In The Frogs defense, the fried cassava was DAMN good it’s too sad if we didn’t wrap them. 😛

Those are three accommodations around Ora Beach that you can choose. Whether you’re a solo traveler, a group, or a duo, there’s always a place around Ora Beach for you.

Hope you find this post helpful.

If not, then just say it does to make me happy. Okay.


Senyum dulu ah.. 🙂

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    1. Ahahaha. Terima kasih sudah mampir dan ikut senang post ini bisa membantu. 🙂 Untuk harga, saya kurang tahu kalau harga penginapannya saja, tapi sebagai perbandingan, kemarin kami pergi 4H3M dengan Kakaban Trip, menginap di Roneela Cottage, harga paketnya 7.1juta sudah termasuk tiket pesawat dan makan. 🙂

  1. Khas sekali, kalo mampir ke blognya kak Bulan ini ada gambar-gambar bergerak nan kocak hehehe.
    Nganu, itu trio libelsx pas nyanyi sound system aman?
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  2. udah denger cerita tentang trip kalian ke maluku dari si chocky. seru yak!
    anyway, dulu waktu kita pre event nesjour di Ciapus Bogor itu, aku sempat usul ke teteh buat ke Sawai aja, nginep di Ora & bird watching di TN Manusela. tapi setelah ditimbang ini itu anunya, jadinya ke alor deh.
    kapan-kapan bikin giveaway hadiahnya paketi wisata full board ke ora ini dong bik.
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