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“What do you miss the most from Indonesia or Jakarta?”, asked my friend, a Malaysian, one time.

“First, my nephew. Second, the beach. Third, salon and spa! Hahahaha.”

She was startled and continue bombarded me by saying there are many salon and spa also in Kuala Lumpur. I laughed a little and said that it’s (WAY) cheaper in Jakarta and I went to a waxing salon once in Kuala Lumpur, and personally don’t really satisfied with the result.

I haven’t told her that there is a new innovation in Jakarta: WAXTIME Waxing in a Market!

Pic taken from Waxtime’s Twitter Page

I knew about Waxtime several months ago when I was in Kuala Lumpur. What makes it stand out among other waxing salon is the location. It lies inside Pasar Santa! Yes. Pasar Santa – Santa Market! What was a traditional market now has a new face as a modern market! There are many stalls selling food and beverages on the first floor. Most of them sell traditional food with a twist such as Kue Cubit (small pancake) in green tea, safron, and red velvet or the famous Chicken Noodle served by good-looking guys in Mie Chino (I ate there and totally didn’t pay attention to the sellers until Nisa told me about them and I was already inside my car by then. *sigh* My good-looking-guys radar was not working. πŸ™ )

Pasar Santa Jakarta

Anyhoo, back to Waxtime; occupying two lots of stalls on the ground floor, it looks cool with the spearmint color on the door. It’s equipped with aircond, makes it a good place to escape the hot weather. πŸ˜› To get to Waxtime, from the main entrance, go straight (don’t take the stairs up) till the third alley on the right and turn right there, go straight again passing several indie stores till you find a junction with something ‘in a box’ in front of you. Turn your head to the left and there you go, Waxtime! πŸ˜€

There are severalΒ good points about Waxtime. Though it’s located in a market, it keeps its place and equipments hygienic and safe. It doesn’t do double-dipping and all of the equipment is sterilized prior to the service. You have to take off your shoes/sandals also to get in. And good news is that Waxtime doesn’t provide only waxing but also relaxing (massage) service! I did a brazilian and half-legs waxing as well as foot reflexology. For the brazilian waxing, Waxtime uses a hard wax. As a caramel wax kinda girl, it was a bit painful to me. But the therapist was so nice, she initiated a conversation, asking me this and that to swift my focus on the pain. When I had foot reflexology, there was a girl doing brazilian waxing and she seems fine and even sleep. The therapist said that if I do another brazilian waxing with the hard wax, I’ll feel less of the pain. It’s just like a habitual effect. For the half-legs waxing, Waxtime uses soft wax and (WO)MAN, that was the best half-legs waxing experience I ever had! It was so smooth and easy. Super less painful than using caramel waxing for half-legs waxing! So gonna be back for more half-legs waxing! Hahahaha.

Oh that amazing soft wax!

After the waxing, I had a foot reflexology for 45min. Oh my, it was good. I slept peacefully during the service. :’) This princess is surely happy. πŸ˜€

So, a market is not only a place where you buy fresh vegetables and meat now, it has evolved to a place to hang out, a place to meet, a place to shop for knicknacks, and a place to do waxing and relaxing! Yeah!

Go follow Waxtime on Twitter to know about their newest or upcoming promo! They have 15min free massage for a customer doing brazilian wax this month as well as birthday promo and Instagram promo. And due to its limited space, I think it’s better to make a reservation first before you come. I know you would want to. πŸ˜€

Enjoy waxing in a new environment. Waxtime – Waxing in a Market! πŸ˜€

Senyum dulu ah.. πŸ™‚


Pasar Santa

Ground Floor BKS 105 – 106

South Jakarta, Indonesia


Twitter: @waxtime_id

Instagram: waxtime_id

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